Couple Married For Seven Decades Die On The Same Day, They Also Served In WWII

Couple Married For Seven Decades Die On The Same Day, They Also Served In Wwii

For better or worse, check. They served in the war together, had a magical love story. In sickness and in health, check and check, details later.

Till death do us apart… no, not a chance. Isabell and Prebble didn't give the grim reaper a chance to tear them apart.

The adorable aged couple left this world on the same day, denying death a chance to make them live apart.

This Is The Kind Of Love Story That Inspires Movies

This couple shared the deepest form of love for 70 years. They have been through thick and thin, even serving in the war together.

When the time came for them to leave this world, they only did it hours apart, which makes their love story so poetic and touching.

Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney met in Philadelphia in the early 1940s while studying.

While they would have loved to make the best of the romantic connection they had, there was a war to fight.

The Allies were deeply engrossed in their effort to overcome the Nazis, and the young love birds decided to lend them a hand.

Isabell Took The Position Of A Navy Nurse In Maryland, And Preble Became A Marine

He even got a bronze star for this bravery.

As soon as the war came to a close in 1945, the two couldn't wait to get married, and that happened on February 15 of 1946.

Their beautiful love story that would last seven decades had finally begun.

During their marriage, they bore five children. Isabell committed herself to bring them up, while Preble did all he could to put food on the table.

The support these two had for each other was incredible. Yes, even when they lost their son tragically while in his senior year. He was playing football when the tragedy happened.

Once The Children Were All Grown Up, She Rebooted Her Nursing Career

Laurie Staver Clinton, their daughter, described them in glowing terms.

"Mom really taught me that you can't change another person but you can change your attitude towards them."

"Dad was the strict one. Mom tried to be strict, but we knew what we could get away with her. It was pretty much a father rules the roost sort of thing."

When the effects of old age came knocking, Isabell was diagnosed with dementia in 2013 and admitted to a facility in Norfolk, Virginia.

This hit Preble hard, and he ended up at the same facility, but they were in different rooms.

Love, being the miracle that it is, managed to help Isabell remember her husband despite her dementia.

According to their daughter, "… when she looked and knew it was dad, she'd get that little smile."

His 96th Birthday Was Coming Up, And He Makes A Request No One Could Refuse

He wanted to have a last nap with his wife. Arrangements were made, and the effort was worth it.

The two lovebirds held hands and fell asleep. The daughter describes how happy he was, and she described the experience as her mother's birthday present to him.

A week later, it was clear that Isabell was living out her last moments in this world.

Prebble and the daughter went to be with her and say their goodbyes.

Later in the day, she passed on, and fourteen hours later, so did he. Coincidentally, the two were born fourteen days apart.

Okay, We All Want To Know. What Was Their Secret?

It's choosing to live together no matter what. This is according to their daughter, who noted that despite tough times, careers, and other things getting in the way, choosing to remain together is what made their love beautiful and enviable.

Let's face it, romance movie creators have something to learn from this touching story.