Weird Story

Couple Claiming To Be Time Travellers From 2027 Share Footage "Proving They're All Alone"

Javier and Maria, TikTok users, claim that they are isolated in the future with only one another for companionship.

Maria, who identifies as a scientist, shares videos "from the future" on TikTok under the username @socmia.

Her TikTok bio states: "Time is an illusion. Alone in the world with @unicosobreviviente."

The couple, who remain anonymous and never show their faces, are said to be residing in the year 2027.


Based on their social media accounts, the situation appears to be dire.

Javier and Maria assert that they are the sole survivors on Earth, and their videos are intended as "proof" of this claim.

They seem to be in completely secluded locations with no signs of other people, and they state that human civilization no longer exists apart from themselves.

Audience members have recognized the location of the videos as Valencia, Spain, which is typically a bustling and highly populated city.


Each video is completely void of human presence, with no one else visible in the surrounding area.


However, amenities like electricity and internet access are evidently present, enabling the time traveler to upload the videos.

In one video, Maria introduces herself and provides information about her relationship with Javier.

She says: "Hello, I am Maria. I am part of the same project as Javier (who you know as @unicosobreviviente).

"I appear here because I am still processing everything I have lived and I am trying to find a solution.


"I still have a lot to understand but I have decided to change the current situation."

In another video, she says: "I'm a scientist. My speciality is nuclear physics.

"I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning, even though he didn't know it at the time.

"And now finally I'm here to help him."


When asked about her connection with Javier, Maria responded with a video showing him sleeping beside her in a bed.

Javier shares videos on TikTok under the handle @unicosobreviviente, which means "only survivor," and has amassed over seven million followers.

In February 2021, he posted his initial video from Valencia, which appears to be deserted.

In one video, he described how he came to exist in the future.


He explains: "I woke up alone in a hospital in Valencia (Spain).

"I couldn't remember my name or where I lived. I decided to go outside and there were no people.

"Everything was like in 2021, but the electronic devices showed 2027."

Javier began hiding objects in specific locations, encouraging other TikTok users to search for these items in an effort to connect with them.

Since then, he has stated that he has traveled to several Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, all of which he has depicted as being in a similar state of abandonment and devoid of human activity.


The manner in which he discovered and joined forces with Maria is still unclear.

In January 2022, the self-proclaimed time traveler stated that he was still alone, having spent the past 340 days stranded in a wilderness area.