Couple Chooses For Cruise Ship Living, Says It's Cheaper Than Mortgage

A duo has chosen to reside on a cruise vessel after discovering it's more cost-effective than handling a mortgage.

Given the prevailing financial strain and escalating property values, individuals are seeking innovative methods to economize.

This duo took an unconventional route, devising a brilliant answer to the dilemma.

Dive deeper into the story of the pair embracing life on the waves below…


Angelyn and Richard Burk, hailing from Seattle, US, have made a cruise ship their home, deducing it's considerably more economical than handling a mortgage.

This significant shift was made by the duo in March 2021, with an aim to discover a budget-friendly means of exploration.

Speaking to 7News, Angelyn shares: "Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time and eventually retire to cruise ships as we got older."


She highlights that they 'love to travel', thus residing on a cruise ship 'made financial sense'.

Once an accountant, Angelyn took a deep dive into the figures alongside her spouse.

Their calculations showed they could sustain a life aboard for $43.74 (£35.44) daily.

Tapping into their loyalty memberships and sales, Angelyn realized they could literally retire immediately.


She adds: "We have been frugal all our lives to save and invest in order to achieve our goal."

"We are not into materialistic things but experiences."

Boarding the vessel with a single suitcase apiece, the Burks have no intentions of reverting to their regular employment routine.


In her conversation with 7News, Angelyn mentions they don't foresee a return to terrestrial living.

Throughout this maritime adventure, they've journeyed on diverse cruise ships globally, notably a 51-day voyage from Seattle to Sydney.

Destinations like Italy, Canada, Iceland, and the Bahamas have won their hearts, yet the Burks claim their top pick is Singapore.

Their affection for it is so profound that they've revisited the Asian nation on multiple occasions.


"I believe this is achievable for the everyday cruiser, but it does take effort," she states.

"It is leisurely travel without the complications of booking hotels, restaurants and transportation while staying within our budget."

For the duo, maritime life seems devoid of downsides. However, Angelyn advises those contemplating a sea-based lifestyle to experience extended cruises before making the leap.