Couple Are Cruelly Trolled After Revealing They Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex

Couple Are Cruelly Trolled After Revealing They Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex

After a couple revealed online that they did not have sex for the first time until they got married, they were called "f**ing nerds" by vicious internet trolls.

Stefanie and Caleb have a joint TikTok account, @stefanieandcaleb, which they used to make the big announcement.

Since their shocking revelation, they have had to respond to a lot of comments mocking them for not having sex before getting married.


The backlash came after the two revealed that they were virgins until they got married. They had arranged a big reveal for their TikTok followers.

While making the announcement, the two stood side by side. As the video runs, they shared a text saying:

"Things we did before having sex…"

A photo of their wedding was also shared with the video announcement.

The text then added: "WE GOT MARRIED" as the answer to the statement "Things we did before having sex…" Then the couple kissed as the video ended.


Without a doubt, this was a very special moment for the adorable couple. However, many TikTok users decided to troll the two for the revelation they made.

A commenter saw the announcement as an opportunity to be sarcastic, saying:

"Congratulations! You're better than EVERYONE."

Another asked:

"Are you expecting to get a trophy!"

The jokes kept coming in, and another also joked that "they also purchase vehicles without test driving them."


Still, there were those who decided to defend the couple and wish them all the happiness they could find in the world.

One such person wrote:

"This comment section is so sad. What a sad world. Congratulations to the couple! Be proud of that!"

The Couple Released A Followup Video

After the first video attracted so much criticism, the couple decided to release another video. This time, they were making a tribute to "all the haters."


The video began with the admission that their previous video had drawn a lot of criticism.

In the clip, Stefanie said:

"You might have seen this video that went viral. We had so many comments filled with so much hate and judgment towards us."

Then Caleb added:

"And we have something to say to all those people who are hating on us."

After that, Stefanie said:

"God tells us to forgive those who hurt us. We forgive you and we do not judge you back."


Then her husband added:

"We hold no ill will or judgment toward you and we want to let you know that God loves you so, so much."


So, Stefanie and Caleb found a perfect way to deal with the internet trolls trying to make them feel bad for waiting until marriage to consummate their relationship.