Could You Be The Perfect Target To Feed A Narcissists Dark Soul, They Are The Ultimate Parasites?

Could You Be The Perfect Target To Feed A Narcissists Dark Soul, They Are The Ultimate Parasites?

Narcissists view anyone as a potential target for their never-ending need of supply. The higher profile a person is the greater the achievement for the narcissist.

A narcissist's goal is to pull into their fantasy world as many people as they possibly can. They seek out people who can in their view feed their needs to be admired, liked, even loved just as much as their victims are.

A narcissist is really a person who has low self-esteem when on the outside they appear this strong, confident assertive person. They have fragile egos and due to this, need to feed off those that are stronger in character than themselves. They mirror their lives on the latest victim so much so that they are then viewed as the strong person and that the victim is the hanger-on when the reality is, it is the other way around.

They also tend to target weak people, those that can be manipulated into doing what the narcissist wants. They make a beeline for those that are in recovery from a traumatic experience, are grieving for the loss of a loved one, and even those with mental health illnesses. They have no respect for their intended targets and have no guilt over the damage they do as they have no feelings to manage a guilt complex with.

Once they have drained their victim of all they need, they simply leave their victim and move on to the next one without so much as a backward glance.

Narcissists absolutely hate anyone who is more popular than they are. A person with integrity and good morals is an absolute prime target for them. The sole purpose of targeting these types of individuals is to bring them down and destroy what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Once the narcissist has picked their target, the love-bombing begins, this is a key part of their plan as they will go all out to prove to this person that they have met their soulmate. Proving their "love" becomes a full-time job for the narcissist, and once you have been taken in by them and fallen in love with them, the narcissist's ego reaches new heights, they have what they want, then the slow painful narcissistic death begins.

They will slowly start to break you down, strip you of your self-esteem, take away your confidence in yourself until one day you look in the mirror and all you see is a stranger staring back at you.

The main reason a narcissist makes self-sufficient, independent individuals a target is that they won't have to take care of the victim, this means all focus of needs can be applied to the narcissist instead.

Narcissists absolutely hate to see people happy and contented with their lives, as it's what they want but can't have. They set out to take away your happy life from you and absorb that life into their own. They are the ultimate parasites.

If you are a quiet individual who doesn't like to be the centre of attention then you are not the type of person they will aim for unless you have something else they need, this need won't last long, and they will move on, but not before causing mental damage to you which leaves you wondering am I really crazy. Sadly, as a result of this, you may become a people pleaser, doubting yourself and thinking that whatever you do is never good enough, this can be worked through over time.

Narcissists always look for empathetic people, they seek out the most compassionate, loving, and kind people. They do this as they know, no matter how many times they abuse this person they will forgive them time and time again until either the narcissist tires of them and leaves or the victim wises up to them and leaves themselves.