Could Long Toenails Be The Next Big Fashion Statement?

Could Long Toenails Be The Next Big Fashion Statement?

Over the years, the role of fingernails in fashion has become increasingly pivotal. Many women take great pride in having their nails done perfectly to suit their outfits, their mood, and the occasion. There are so many different nail styles and designs you can choose from these days that creating the perfect look has become simple. Also, with so many women heading to nail bars and salons to get their nails done and have extensions, this has become a huge industry.

It was suggested in a report last year that fingernails were not the only ones that were set to play a huge part in fashion. According to some, toenails could also become an important fashion statement for women. Of course, many women have pedicures and like to paint their toenails, especially if they are wearing open footwear. However, there have been suggestions that things could go a step further with women sporting long toenails in a variety of shapes – just as they do with fingernails. For some, this may seem fascinating and for others just downright cringe-worthy.

A Major Problem With Longer Toenails

As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your toenails filed, shaped, painted, and pampered, also a good pedicure can leave your feet and toes looking great. However, having long, pointed toenail extensions is another matter entirely and could cause a variety of issues for women.

Of course, one of the main issues that you have to think about is – how will women get their feet into shoes if they have long toenails jutting out??? Trying to squeeze your feet into high-heeled shoes with pointed fronts – or any shoes at all for that matter – become impossible if you have toenails that are very long. This means you would have to put up with wearing open-toe footwear all the time, which certainly isn't ideal for work or when you are out walking!

On top of this, the toenails could cause a lot of discomfort if they are very long. Walking and standing around for long periods could become difficult – again, a big problem if your job involved walking or being on your feet all day. And while you may not mind sporting long toenails for a special party or event, do you really want people being subjected to them on a daily basis as you strut around in your open-toe sandals or flip-flops?

While some believed that this would become a big fashion statement, the chances are that most women won't be keen to have long toenails, least of all because of how impractical they are.