Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

It's not always sunny in the Valley of Relationships. Sometimes you need to spice things up with something silly, like dirty dares over text.

Because - why not?

No matter how perfect a relationship is, there will always be times when you feel like nothing really happens. Or that both of you are tapping in place.

Tap, tap, tap - another day passed. But the damage is done, and you have already started asking yourself if this depicts how your future will be.

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

While you're still digging deep into the danger zone, thinking there is no escape from reality, keep in mind one simple thing: This is completely fine.

These thoughts are pretty normal. Keep calm, all of us have been there at some point.

Hey, your relationship is not a binge-worthy TV show that needs to keep you entertained 24/7. Even the best shows have their bad episodes.

It's acceptable to deal with monotony or even boredom in a relationship.

But it's up to you if this will become the death of you, or you will keep swimming and reach the shore.

Flirty, Dirty Dares Over Text 101

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

If you feel a bit lost in all of this flirty and dirty mess - then Houston, we have a problem. A huge one!

But no worries. The good thing about these flirty dirty dares over text is that they are adaptable to everyone's needs and preferences.

Sounds pretty cool, right? And what could be better than the good old truth or dare game, pulled off with a sexy twist. It's refreshing to try something new for a change. Changing your direction from time to time couldn't hurt, especially if you live by the book all the time.

Hold your fire - we're not talking about adultery or something in this same context.

The thing is, when the relationship gets on the serious side, going through some grey and sometimes dull period is an inevitable scenario. And who doesn't long for someone that makes them feel desired? Being desirable is one of the key things in a relationship.

So, what else could be more challenging and exciting than dirty dares over text that could tickle your partner's fancy?

What's The Secret Behind These Dirty Dares Over Text?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

Dirty dares over text, you say?

Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind would be asking for nudes. But that's not the point of the dirty dares over text. At all.

Dirty dares over text are meant to create the fantasy. To evoke and provoke passion and devotion. To rejuvenate the electricity between you once again, if it felt kind of down.

To be honest, there isn't some big, conspirational secret that lies behind the dirty dares over text.

They are just quirky, alluring, and sultry texts that could bring back the spark when both of you are feeling gloomy.

Some Good Old Dirty Dares Over A Single Text Message Could Do Wonders

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

There are many lists of dirty dares over text on the Internet. In just a couple of clicks, you will find plenty of them. Some would be a solid ground for further inspiration.

However, to save you from an endless googling session, the best dirty dares over text are undoubtedly those that will rekindle the fire between both of you.

Sometimes our daily tasks or work can drain us. And no matter how much time you spend with your loved one, it can feel that you've started slowly drifting away. Don't let that feeling scare you. Nobody can be dedicated to their partner 100% all of the time. We all have our struggles, but the most important thing is to keep the warmth between you two.

Be bold and let the game of dirty dares over the text begin!

Go out in the rain with your clothes on. Start a make-out session that could lead to passionate wild sex. Do it in an unusual place. Dare your other half to try something bizarre.

It doesn't need to be something sexy. Make it dirty, in the literal meaning of the word, and have fun, you two!

Are These Dirty Dares Over Text For Guys Only?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

Another big concern is the myth that dirty dares over text are meant strictly for guys.

This, of course, is not true. And it is wrong on so many levels because no matter the sex, we are all allowed to have fun in our relationships.

Besides, since we live in the world of today, it should be crystal clear that there are no guy things or girl things anymore.

Be the guy that will tease his favorite woman with a bunch of dirty dares over text. Don't be that weirdo who will only ask for nudes. That is not how the dirty dares over text games are supposed to go.

Unleash the suppressed loverboy in you, and do something kinky for her. Then dare her to try something she hadn't ever thought of doing before. It doesn't have to be something extreme, though. Always remember to start slow and then see whether you could expand from your comfort zone.

How To Compose The Perfect Dirty Dare Message?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

The most important and logical thing would be to ask yourself how to pull it off. How could one compose the perfect dirty dares over text?

It's not that hard. However, it could sound weird if you haven't done it before.

To be honest, most dirty dares over text quotes sound cliche.

I bet you've heard one of these before:

- Tell me one of your unfulfilled fantasies.

- Change into something hot and send a selfie.

- Go out for dinner without wearing any panties on.

And so on, and so on.

There are so many different dirty dares that one could send over text. And they all sound fiery. Yet sometimes, these phrases can be a bit worn out.

The good thing is - you can always be creative and invent your own rules.

If creativity is not your friend, don't be sad. Remember that you know your beloved one the best. Trust your inner voice.

And always remember that nothing could be better than your internal jokes wrapped into a bunch of filthy, funny, or dirty dares over text.

Just be spontaneous, and it will turn out awesome for sure.

Will Non-Dirty Dares Over Text Do The Trick?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

Some couples just want to fool around with jokes, which is ok.

Be goofy, and embrace your inner child! Tickle each other, peel bananas with your toes, draw mustaches on your faces, or speak with a British accent (the last one is sexy as hell).

Some days, even taking your tea with milk will be enough dirty dare, trust me.

Maybe all of this sounds silly, but the fun is guaranteed. You will brighten up your day even for a moment. And what could be better than a day full of giggles?

Dirty Dares Over Text At Your Service - But Could They Save Your Relationship?

Could Dirty Dares Over Text Save Your Relationship?

Is there hope for a sinking ship? Or for one that has already sunk like Titanic?

Let's break the news, guys.

Flirty and dirty dares over text can make your relationships more exciting and even keep it from falling apart. Oh, they do their thing just fine. But the thing is, if the problem between you two is something way deeper, there isn't much they can do to help.

If colossal misunderstandings are hanging in the air, or both of you can't picture your lives going in the same direction, then it's just not worth it.

Singing a rap song in the rain, climbing a mountain, or eating a fancy dinner with your hands won't save your relationship from total ruin.