Cougar Dating The Latest Trend

Cougar Dating The Latest Trend

Let me ask you a question. Do you know a friend interested in dating an older woman? Odds are that you do, and many people have made a similar admission.

Apparently, To Some Young Men, Young Women Are Overrated

They don't deny that they are clear winners when ranked for their beauty and physical shape. But older women today can be drop-dead beauties as well. Heath and wellness have come a long way.

And when attributes like more reasonable expectations and more experience in love matters are added to the list, some young men have had no option but to say yes to cougar dating.

This should help explain why cougar dating sites are catching on. Some guys are trying it out just to "see what dating a cougar is like." And after a few experiences, some young men fully commit to cougar dating.

Why is that? We are brought up to believe that men want to date women young than them. The perception is even used to explain why middle-aged retirees chase after girls half their age.

Older Women Have Plenty To Offer In Comparison Their Younger Counterparts

First of all, the drama will almost certainly be a thing of the past when dating a cougar. You will not have to deal with World War III for not answering a text in time.

You will not have to answer a million questions and deal with a moody lover if you spend a little too much time with your friends.

Older women are also more independent and secure. For a young man who has yet to find his financial footing, that can be a huge benefit.

And as a young man who likes to have a life beyond a relationship, then dating a cougar is one of the best options you have.

Women In Their Late 30s And Early 40s Are In Their Sexual Peaks

That is a huge fat bonus for any virile young man.

These women also really know their way around these issues, and they know what they want and how to please their lovers. Many young women think their beauty is enough effort in such matters. But older women make some extra effort.

The confidence these women have is also irresistible, and that charm can keep a man feeling like he has conquered the world. Few can turn away from that and go back to the attention-hungry young women they normally date.

So, if you are thinking of dating a cougar, know that many young men have entertained the thought. And if I'm being honest, many of them are pretty glad they made the call. So, who says you can't try it and see how it goes?