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Costco Is Selling A Pre-Made Charcuterie Board That's Perfect For Couch Snacking

During the pandemic, we've all had a challenging time, and if munching on some extra snacks helps us cope with the current global crisis, then so be it. If you're bored of the usual snacks like Doritos and Snickers and want to elevate your snacking experience, consider grabbing a fruit and cheese board from Costco. These boards are mouthwatering!

There's So Much Good Stuff On There!

Costco is renowned for offering an array of mouth-watering platters, and this fruit and cheese board is no exception. In fact, it is considered one of their best creations yet, featuring a delectable selection of strawberries and grapes to help you meet your daily fruit intake.


In addition, it also includes fig jam, almonds, crackers, and a variety of cheese to satisfy your savory cravings.

It Is A Great Mix Of Cheeses

As is customary in a fruit and cheese board, Costco has included a double brie along with two hard kinds of cheese in their platter. While the types of hard cheese are not clear from the photos, I speculate that they might be cheddar and either gouda or manchego. Regardless of the specific types, I'm confident that they will be tasty.


The Price Is A+ Too

When I visit Costco, I anticipate finding great deals, and this fruit and cheese board is no exception. The individual items on the platter are typically priced at $7.99 per pound, so the entire board, as shared by Instagram user @costco_empties, should be around $20.

It Is A Brand-New Addition To Their Offerings!

This is all the more reason to make a trip to Costco, even though my pantry is fully stocked and I have plenty of snacks. I can never resist a scrumptious cheese board, and the presence of fruit helps me justify it as a somewhat healthy indulgence.