Corper Appreciates Mum Who Sells Food To Pay Her School Fees, Wears Her NYSC Uniform, Shares Photo

Corper Appreciates Mum Who Sells Food To Pay Her School Fees, Wears Her NYSC Uniform, Shares Photo

Mothers are such empathetic creatures who will give almost anything for their kids. For Esther Amarachi Igbo, this is no different. The young lady is Nigerian and an ex-corp member who celebrated her passing out parade with her mom in Anambra.

Esther's mom sells Abacha, a local delicacy of the Ibos in Nigeria. With her petty trading, she sponsored the young lady through school.

Esther wore her NYSC uniform to her mom's business place and took pictures with her in it. She shows off her mom wearing her Khaki jacket and cap.


A Proud Daughter

In an interview, the young lady spoke admirably of her mom. According to her, her mom was all she had, a woman who did her best to get her daughter to where she is today.

Esther bagged a degree in Economics from the Abia State University and served at St. John of God Secondary School, Awka, says Fides Media.

Support From A Small Food Business

Esther talked about how her mom's business expanded to include selling cooked beans and roasted plantain. That food business was their sole source of income as a family. With it, her mother cared for her basic needs and paid for her tuition fees.


The ex-corp member is determined to make her mom proud. She would love to start a business of her own but for now, she wishes to honor her mother's wish which is to acquire more education. She hopes to pick up a postgraduate form soon.

Vowing to make her mom's life better, she says:

"Yes, I will love to open a very big restaurant for my mom in her name. I sincerely wish to make her proud and never let the Abacha business she trained me with die off."


A Facebook post by Fides Media garnered a lot of comments, with praises for both Esther and her mom.

One user said:

"Congratulations my dear, you will not just graduate, but you will use it to make successful money, IJN."

Another user said:

"A hardworking woman who struggled through thick and thin to give her daughter tertiary education despite obstacles posed by the Nigerian 'system'. She overcame it and came out victorious. Ada endeavor to make your mom proud and happy."


In one comment about mothers in general, one user said:

"Respect mothers, I mean respect mothers. They always have your back in every situation. They suffer themselves to give us comfort. I pray God blesses them and keep them alive to eat the fruit of their labor."

There was a similar situation of a young lady praising her dad for sawing wood, however difficult that was for him, just to send her to school.


Stories like these are common in Nigeria. With a system that is more or less failing, many parents, mom or dad, constantly struggle to provide necessities for their kids. It is no wonder that these children find every opportunity to praise their parents for going the extra mile to see them through school. You might think education is a necessity, but for some, it is a luxury.