Corinna Kopf Picture, Dating, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Corinna Kopf is a model, streamer, and social media star from the United States. Her Instagram is corinnakopf.

Why is Corinna Kopf famous?

Corinna is best known for her appearance on YouTuber David Dobrik's Vlog Squad.

She is called the nickname "Pouty Girl" online and has reached success on several social media platforms.

She is immensely popular on Instagram thanks to her gorgeous and daring modeling content.

Date Of Birth

1 December 1995

Birth Place

Palatine, Illinois, Unites States

Horoscope Sign


Net Worth

Approximately $2 Million


5 feet 5 inches (165cm)


115 pounds (52kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

A belly button piercing

Plastic Surgeries

Lip fillers


She has family living in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri.


She loves playing video games and traveling.

Who Is Corinna Kopf Dating?

According to sources, she might currently be single.

Corinna Kopf Dating History

Corinna was previously dating YouTuber and social media personality Toddy Smith.

She has also been in a relationship with the popular streamer Turner Tenney.

Corinna Kopf Social Media

Her first post dates back to 2012. Her Instagram photos get up to 1.5M likes, around 1M on average.

Corinna shares spicy modeling photos posing in fashionable clothes and swimwear. She often captions her posts with daring questions and flirts with her followers.

Apart from Instagram, you can find the blonde beauty on TikTok, Youtube, and OnlyFans.

About Corinna Kopf

Corinna graduated from University in Platine, Illinois, US.

She was a Fortnite gamer, streaming on Twitch. However, after receiving a temporary ban from Twitch, she signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming in 2019.

The reason she was banned on Twitch was for wearing a Chanel tank top that the streaming company regarded as "underwear".

The blond star is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.