Cops Share Bob Saget's Suspected Cause Of Death

Cops Share Bob Saget's Suspected Cause Of Death

The police have shared the suspected cause of death of comedian and actor Bob Saget. Saget passed away in his hotel room at 65.

The news of Saget's sudden death shook the world of entertainment and numerous fans.

Friends, costars, people who knew Saget have been pouring heart-wrenching messages for days.

From Jim Carrey to the Olsen sisters, everyone wanted to express their condolences and grief over the unexpected death of America's favorite dad, as Saget became known while he was in Full House.


The news broke on Sunday, January 9.

Saget was touring, and in his last tweet, he suggested he had a fantastic time in Jacksonville. His next stop was Orlando.


The actor, best known for his portrayal of a single dad, Danny Tanner, was found unresponsive in his Ritz-Carlton room.

Full House actor was also a host of America's Funniest Videos and was part of the Fuller House, a 2016's revival of the Full House. His name was attached to numerous other projects, such as Entourage and Bob Saget's Here for You.

He was also the voice of Ted Mosby in the hit TV series, How I Met Your Mother.

The police report confirmed that Saget was dead at the scene.


The Ritz Carlton hotel in Orlando shared that Saget came to his room at 2:17 am after his show. His last tweet was only an hour and a half earlier, and the comedian was supposed to leave his hotel room later in the day.

At 4 pm, his family finally asked the hotel staff to break into his room. They found Bob lying on the bed in the bedroom with his left arm across his chest and right to his side.


He was already cold and without a pulse. Details about the death of Bob Saget are still unknown, but TMZ suggests that a sudden medical emergency caused the demise of the beloved actor. TMZ's reporters allegedly came to this conclusion after talking to Law enforcement officers working on Saget's case.

The publication suggests that a heart attack or a stroke played the final role in the death of Bob Saget.

The claims come due to the position of his body and lack of evidence suggesting foul play or drug abuse.

Our thoughts are with the Saget family.