Cops Open Fire On Pick Up Truck, Shooting 3 Children In The Head And Face

Cops Open Fire On Pick Up Truck, Shooting 3 Children In The Head And Face

A disturbing scene has happened in Oklahoma City as police officers attempted to arrest a robbery suspect. The shocking news is that 3 children were shot in the incident, and one of them got shot in the head.

According to the police statement, they were looking for a suspect when they identified William Smith, the suspect, in his truck. When they attempted approaching the pickup, that's when the shooting began.

The police officers didn't know that there were little kids in the car. The children sustained injuries and were rushed to a hospital in Tulsa.

One of the police reports said that the kids are safe and aren't in a life-threatening condition. The children are one-year-old, 4, and 5 years old.

But according to the kids' mother, the children have serious injuries. She said that one of her daughters, 4 years old, got shot in the head.

"She has a bullet in her brain," the mother said.

She also added that the bullets did not injure her 2-year-old, but the 1-year-old child has gunshots injuries on her face.

The police have said it's unclear where William got shot. Although the police are saying that the man was a robbery suspect, they haven't released any evidence that links the man to the accusations. The robbery happened on 11th April.

Jenny Virden, the OSBI Spokeswoman, said that the incident is unclear. She said they're unsure whether the suspect was armed or what happened when the police tried to approach the suspect.

The suspect is 20 years old, and the relationship between him and the kids, who got shot, is unclear. Some sources are saying that William had a relationship with the children's mother. But the police don't have the proof.

According to a police statement, the issue is still under investigation, and no lead has been found yet. The only report we've received is that "we were only going after a suspected robber." Virden also confirmed that one of the kids was not hurt.

Although the police have tried interviewing witnesses, there's no clear report about the incidence, according to Virden. The police also didn't say whether William opened fire or not, and neither of the officers was injured.

The police officers involved in the shooting are currently under a paid administrative leave for opening fire and shooting innocent kids. But it's not confirmed whether they'll face charges or not.

In such a case where a suspect's being apprehended for weeks after a crime, it seems strange the police used such excessive force.

The police departments should have a protocol that requires the officers to confirm bystanders' safety before exchanging shootings with a suspect.

Rodney Cox, a Protest organizer, said that local activists are working with the mayor and other government officials to ensure the officers involved face justice. It's also strange that even William hasn't been charged with the crime he's accused of committing.

Maybe the officers arrested the wrong person. This can be true because the police don't seem to have formal evidence to charge him.