Cops Claim That Mice Ate A Half TON Of Marijuana In The Evidence Room

When over a ton of marijuana went missing from a police evidence room, some questions had to be asked and answered. However, the police in charge of the evidence room when the loss happened came up with a truly surprising explanation – apparently, mice had eaten away the massive amount of contraband.

This peculiar incident took place in the town of Pilar, Argentina, which is 60km from Buenos Aires, the nation's capital.

The question of missing marijuana started suspiciously enough when the new police commissioner, Emilio Portero, had suspicions as to why his predecessor, Javier Specia, did not account for marijuana before leaving the office.

However, after the former commissioner and his subordinates were asked about the missing marijuana, they all had the same answer – the mice ate it.

But further investigation by forensic experts proved the explanation to be highly unlikely. They could also not find any proof that mice had eaten away at the significant amount of marijuana.

In any case, eating such a large amount of the plant matter was extremely unlikely. And in the highly unlikely event that it would even have happened, there would have been plenty of evidence in support of this theory within the building.

Experts at Buenos Aires University have gone on to claim that it is not possible for mice to mistake the drug for food. Even if this had happened, then lots of dead mice would have been found throughout the warehouse.

There are indications that the problem is not mice, but the people in charge of the warehouse. Corrupt police have been known to steal drugs from evidence rooms to use them themselves or even sell them on the streets.

In most cases, they get away with it. But this case is different because their colleagues actually held the offenders to account.

But there is another possibility. High-ranking officers might have locked horns over political issues in an attempt to cover their pasts by blaming each other. The massive loss of drugs from the evidence room was probably unlikely to come up if the department had not witnessed a change in leadership.

As things are now, it is clear that the police claiming that the drugs were eaten by mice were responsible for the loss of these drugs in one way or another. It would have been much better for them to say that the drugs were stolen. But their blatant lies will in all likelihood cost them any chances of ever working again in their lives.

A few years earlier in 2016, The Simpsonville Police Department witnessed a theft of $30,000 in cash, drugs, and guns from an evidence room. But it turned out to be an inside job by an officer who had worked at the department for more than two years.

Several other similar cases have taken place, and in almost all of them, it turned out to be an inside job. Brooklyn Police Department was also raided in a corruption-related scandal and evidence, including weapons, drugs, and other items were lost from the evidence room.