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'Cop-Gone-Wild' Maegan Hall Accuses Coworker Of Being Gay After Rejection


There was a big incident involving a person named Maegan Hall that caused a lot of attention on the internet. It created controversy and caused problems for the entire police system because it turned out that many police officers were involved in a sex scandal.

Now, something new has happened. One of the police officers has filed a legal response against Hall, saying that she used to flirt with him even when he clearly said he didn't want to cheat on his wife.


In Tennessee, Maegan Hall was a police officer who had sex with six of her coworkers. In a lawsuit, it's claimed that she told one of the officers he must be gay because he rejected her sexual advances.

As a result of the scandal, Hall was fired from her job at the La Vergne Police Department once it was discovered that she had slept with six other officers.


The 27-year-old police officer is now involved in a legal battle. She claims that she was mistreated and manipulated by higher-ranking officers in the police force. She accuses several senior officers of wrongdoing.

But now, one of the officers who was accused has made his own claims against Hall. He says that Hall was constantly flirting with him and putting pressure on him to have a sexual relationship, even though they were both married to other people.


In court documents that were obtained by the Daily Mail, Sergeant Lewis Powell, who has been a police officer for 15 years, also said that Hall had a strong attraction to Black men.

According to the court filing, it all started when she began talking about sex.


She told Powell that she wasn't happy with her sex life in her marriage. In response, Powell suggested a few ideas to add some excitement to her relationship with her husband.

Then, Hall asked if Powell could show her how to please her husband by demonstrating.

As a result of the controversy surrounding allegations of wife-swapping and hot tub parties within the police force, Hall, Powell, and three other colleagues lost their jobs.


However, Police Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis scolded Hall for getting involved with a coworker but was later fired when it was revealed that he knew about the situation.

Hall has recently come forward with allegations, claiming that she has been a victim of "predators" like Powell. According to Hall, Powell presented himself as a trustworthy figure providing companionship and guidance.

In contrast, Powell has filed a counter-suit, asserting that Hall persistently pursued him for sexual encounters and even sent him explicit messages.


Following the marital difficulties experienced by Powell, he engaged in a regrettable act of betrayal against his wife by involving himself in a sexual relationship with Hall, as stated in the filing.

"Consequently, in approximately May 2022, Powell began trying to break things off amicably with Hall, saying that he loved his wife," the filing explains.

"Nonetheless, Hall persisted in trying to entrap him back into a relationship. Hall (who is white) appeared to have some sort of fetish for Powell (who is Black) based on his race."


"On multiple occasions, while at work, she told him to put his 'big black d***' in her mouth and 'g**' her with it."

"When Powell held firm, saying that he wanted to be with his own wife instead, Hall said that he must be a homosexual."

According to Powell, Hall subsequently became involved in sexual activities with several other officers. In his claim, Powell is seeking $200,000 in compensation for the harm caused to his reputation and the emotional distress he experienced.


Both officers, along with others, were dismissed following an internal investigation conducted last year.

In Hall's lawsuit, she asserts that she has unwillingly gained widespread attention as the female officer associated with the "girls gone wild" image.

As a result, she has become the target of numerous internet jokes, memes, and sexual comments.

"But for the sexual grooming and abuse perpetrated by the City of La Vergne, Sgt. McGowan, Sgt. Powell, and Chief Davis, Ms. Hall would not have been subjected to this extraordinary degree of public ridicule and shaming," the document continues.


Following Maegan Hall's highly publicized controversy, social media platforms have been inundated with memes and jokes targeting the former police officer.

Unfortunately, this widespread online attention has resulted in a considerable amount of shame and negative publicity for the La Vergne Police Department.