Conversion Therapy For LBGT Kids Needs To Stop: It Increases Depression And Suicide

Conversion Therapy For Lbgt Kids Needs To Stop: It Increases Depression And Suicide

Unless you are behind on what's going on in the world of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LBGT) people, you must know what conversion therapy means.

Just so that no one is left behind in this discussion, I'll tell you what conversion therapy is. This is where parents and other interested parties try to change a kid's sexual orientation.

The debate has been raging back and forth on whether it's a good thing. But science has finally given us a clear position on what conversion therapy really is.

To Put It Briefly, Conversion Therapy Needs To Stop Immediately

The study found out that kids who were put through this process had increased chances of committing suicide, lower levels of self-esteem, less satisfaction with life, reduced social support, and lower income and educational levels.

So, that's why it needs to stop.

All those spirited attempts to force certain sexual orientations on kids are doing more harm than good.

The Sad Reality Is That Lots Of Kids Have Gone Through This Process

More than half of all non-Latino white between 21 and 25 have been through some form of conversion therapy.

Agents of these misguided modifications included parents, therapists and even religious leaders.

One thing stood out: the kids had an increased likelihood of suffering the negative consequences we just mentioned.

But the problem was even worse for kids who had to deal with pressure from both the parents and other parties outside their homes.

Stress levels increased by over 100 percent for kids who had their parents force them to change their sexual orientation compared to those who did not get any such pressure.

The Woes Facing These Unfortunate Kids Do Not End There

They were also likely to fare off much worse socioeconomically.

So, parents and religious leaders who try conversion therapy on their kids to 'protect' them are doing the exact opposite.

These children lose their sense of self-worth, and they are more likely to engage in destructive behaviors including suicide.

That is why there need to be programs in place to support LBGT kids so they don't suffer under this kind of pressure from their caregivers and other parties.

Some Of These Conversion Therapy Techniques Get Crazy

There are parents who will to stop at nothing to change their kids' sexual orientation.

Such actions can have negative and lasting effects on the kids and make them more likely to kill themselves or have a lower quality of life.

At the moment, stakeholders believe that family education and other interventions are necessary to put this harmful practice to a stop and give these kids a fair chance of having a normal life.

Whether or not we agree if gender is biologically determined, imposing our opinions in a way that completely ruins these young lives is not okay. So, conversion therapy needs to stop. At least that much we know.