Conor McGregor Responds After Liam Neeson Calls Him A "Little Leprechaun"

Liam Neeson criticized UFC star Conor McGregor as a "little leprechaun", to which McGregor seemingly responded.

A showdown between two Irish giants is underway.

Neeson made the remarks during a recent interview with Men's Health, prior to the release of his film Marlowe in the US.

And he did not mince his words.

The 70-year-old actor stated to the publication: "UFC I can't stand. That to me is like a bar fight.

"I know the practitioners are like, 'No, you're wrong - the months of training we do...'

"Why don't you just grab a beer bottle and hit the other guy over the head? That's the next stage of the UFC. I hate it."

Having now expressed his opinion on the world's largest MMA championship, here is what he thinks of one of its prominent figures: "That little leprechaun Conor McGregor, he gives Ireland a bad name. I know he's fit, and I admire him for that. But I can't take it."

Although McGregor is known for not shying away from online arguments, he has remained relatively silent on this matter.

However, the next day after the interview was published, the 34-year-old McGregor utilized Twitter to state, "Irish proud - always." He also posted an Ireland flag emoji beside his comment.

Many individuals have responded to the tweet, with one simply including Neeson's "leprechaun" statement, and another who shared an image of the antagonist from the horror movie, Leprechaun.

Another Twitter user wrote: "This Liam Neeson and Conor McGregor business has gone completely out of hand."

Another person voiced what many are thinking: "McGregor V Neeson on PPV would surely sell out Croker...no?"

Could you envision the excitement?

Despite Neeson being 70 and not a professional fighter, some fans are still betting on the actor, as stated by this individual: "Still think Liam would take him."

Humor aside, it is highly unlikely that the two will be entering the Octagon in the near future.

In December of last year, McGregor also responded to Joe Rogan after the podcaster implied he was using performance-enhancing drugs.

During an episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience," the UFC commentator suggested that McGregor's muscular build could be due to using unnatural substances such as steroids.

McGregor has not been under the supervision of the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for several months and has not undergone any testing this year.

In the meantime, he has been consistently displaying his highly muscled physique.

"He's taking his shirt off and posing constantly, and he looks like his pi** would melt that USADA cup," Rogan said.

"Like, it would just like burn a hole right through the bottom of that USADA cup."

Rogan added: "The weird thing is that there is a loophole in USADA that allows you to get out of the testing pool. You can get out of the testing pool and just juice up."

However, McGregor did not take the accusation without a response. In his typical combative manner, the Irish fighter made a playful remark about Rogan's own physique.

Additionally, he emphasized that Rogan never competed in the MMA ring.

"Joe looks like his pi** melts his knickers," McGregor said in a since-deleted tweet.

"In the company that long and never took a fight hahaha @ufc oh tae kwon do competition, call the cops hahahahaah."

The tweet was accompanied by a comparison image of Rogan at 25 and 52 years old, both displaying his muscular physique.