Confused? Then Talk To God About It

Confused? Then Talk To God About It

There is a world of difference between us mortals and God, and it's important you take note of it.

Talking To People When Confused Adds To Your Confusion. Talking To God Brings Clarity

Your eyes are opened, things make sense, you see the right path to take.

Order is restored!

You are freed from your worries and concerns. You bask in His wisdom; you know what to do. Yes, you find peace in God.

And it's not a trick. When God takes away your confusion, the relief is as real as anything you have ever seen or felt.

So, take your confusion to God. If someone is making you go back and forth, talk to God. If you do not understand where you stand with someone, God will help you perceive if it's time to let go or hold on with patience.

God Is Full Of Wonders, He Will Give You Signs You Cannot Miss

But it will still be your choice whether or not to heed them.

Full of wisdom, God will reveal to you perspectives you have never had about the situation confusing you.

So, if you want to get the right person, but are hesitant, let God clear things up for you.

He knows the right person for you, and will not let you fall into bad hands.

If you have waited so long for your blessing, which you know is coming, talk to God and learn what is getting in your way.

God Always Comes Through

Sometimes, you might not get the answers you desire in an instant because He is preparing something much bigger than you imagine for you.

Good Things Take Time

God wants His blessings to give you maximum benefit. So, unless you are fully ready for the blessings you seek, He might not give them to you.

What does this mean? You should have unwavering faith in his promises.

Sometimes your needs change, and God understands that better than anyone.

He saw it coming, although you and everyone else around you couldn't.

That lover you consider "the one that got away" might have been removed from your life because he was not adequate for the destiny God had set aside for you.

There Are No Regrets For Those Who Believe In God

Every day brings with it new hopes and blessings. With people, you never know, but with God, a lasting and immutable purpose in life is assured.

When you feel lost, speak to God. He will either give you an answer or some hope to hold on to until you find your way.

Sometimes, all you need is a little strength and courage. So, it's about standing firm in the face of many challenges that might come your way.

Stand your ground and let God fight for you.

God does not fix things in a night, and sometimes, he gives you the resources to do it yourself.

The Confusion And The Hardships Are Not Too Big For God To Handle

And he knows what you are capable of. He will give you hope and back it up with blessings.

We like to take shortcuts. But quick fixes never really fix. If you need healing after a heartbreak, a crate of beer is not the solution you need. You have to be patient and focus on the positive.

Who said miracles have to happen in an instant? Not those who know their God and His unfathomable mysteries.

Good things take time. God knows this. People don't. So, trust in Him alone. Let him sort out the confusion in your life, for He never fails.