Condoms Suck And There Should Be A Better Option By Now

Condoms Suck And There Should Be A Better Option By Now

Can I be honest with you? The actual reason that there are more sexual transmitted diseases in the world today, is because we are still giving people the only option we have for avoiding STD's and that is, to wear a condom. Even the name itself broken down is ashamed. Con-Dom or Con-Dumb. I mean, don't get me wrong, it does provide additional protection against diseases and that is what we want, but there has to be another way to get the same protection without having to stop kissing long enough to open a little packet and pull out this thin rubber sheath and slide it on your penis. By then, the thrill is almost nearly gone. Here are a few good reasons why there has to be a better alternative than a rubber!

1. Women are afraid that it may slip off of the man's penis and get lost in her private parts.

Wouldn't that be so awful to have to go to the emergency room because of a rubber condom that accidentally got lodged into your private parts? Talk about embarrassing! First of all, a serious mood killer, and secondly, it would be very embarrassing.

2. The condoms these days have a very bad odor to them.

It's as if they used a can of Raid and sprayed all over them. Seriously, it is not a good smell at all and it does dampen the mood as well.

3. It's embarrassing to go to the store and lay a pack of condoms on the counter to purchase them.

You never know when someone that you recognize will come up to you at the store while you are purchasing your condoms and look surprised at you. So now, you are standing there with your face all red and very embarrassed. There has to be a better way than this!

4. They sometimes break open.

There are times, when a condom will rip open and there you are! Sometimes, you didn't even know it had ripped open and now there's a strong possibility that you might be pregnant. That's not a good feeling. Especially when you are trying to NOT get pregnant.

So you see, there are so many reasons why a condom will never be and has never been one of the most favorite contraceptives that a couple could use. It has been one of the worst ones and you would think, after all of these years, there would be another way that a person could avoid getting an STD besides wearing a condom. I wish they would come up with some type of spray that a man could spray on his penis or a woman could spray on her vagina, that would be a contraceptive for one hour. You could have sex and not worry about diseases and the chance of getting pregnant. Then after an hour, you would just need to re-spray it again. Kind of like a mosquito spray that is used as a repellent. Now that would make a lot of money and everyone would buy it.

But until someone thinks of a more creative idea other than using a condom, I would suggest that you roll up your sleeves and get ready to use the contraceptive that has been around for ages and ages, and that is the wonderful thin sheath piece of rubber that we call.........a condom.