Condoms Are Selling Out As People Put Them On Their Fingers To Avoid Coronavirus

A new trend has people wearing condoms on their fingers to prevent COVID-19 infection.

The coronavirus has sent panic throughout the globe, and people are seemingly doing everything and anything to protect themselves from the virus.

To avoid getting it, I’m mostly just staying indoors, like everyone else. But when I do go out, I wash my hands a lot and only hold up to 10 door handles a day, instead of my usual 30+

It’s working for me (so far), but other people are doing much weirder things to avoid contamination.

For instance, there’s a new trend emerging where condoms are selling out as people are using them as a barrier method against the virus.

condoms are selling out as people put them on their fingers to avoid coronavirus

Several reports confirm that many people are actually trying this method: putting the condoms on their fingers to protect themselves against the virus when pushing elevator buttons in buildings.

Because, well, using your wrist and elbow to push a button is so 2019.

So is this actually happening?

condoms are selling out as people put them on their fingers to avoid coronavirus

Some weirdos have taken to slipping condoms onto their fingers when they’re doing things like operating lifts and, I don’t know, poking dead bats.

Per the Daily Mail, the trend was brought to light on a Facebook group, Ryde District Mums, by Thanh Thai, from Sydney, who shared a picture of an empty Durex stand.

Alongside the photo, she wrote:

“Can anybody please tell me what happened?”

And one Facebook user replied to the thread saying:

“There have been some stupid posts telling people to put condoms on their fingers to press buttons.”

Over on Twitter, many have also been talking about it.

Some twitter users are even sharing photos of people wearing condoms on their fingers in elevators.

One person wrote:

“Condoms in Singapore sold out amidst Coronavirus fear. Since Singaporeans have been using the condom as a protective measure when touching the elevator buttons in their apartments and other buildings to prevent contamination.”

I can’t be the only one who thinks this is totally absurd, right? Can’t you just buy regular gloves like an ordinary human being?

What a waste of a condom! Just save it for someone who actually intends to use it the right way, am I right?

In all seriousness, I understand you want to protect yourself, and you’re scared. We all are. I mean, the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t a jokeβ€”it’s killing thousands every day.

But Condoms? Seriously?

Be like everyone else and stock up on gloves, hand sanitizers, face masks, and toilet papers!