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Concert Square "Illegal" Video Couple Wanted By Police

Concert Square "illegal" Video Couple Wanted By Police

A man and a woman are wanted by the police after they had sex in Concert Square in Liverpool, surrounded by hundreds of onlookers.

Numerous clips surfaced on the internet as the bystanders filmed the couple going at it near the entrance of Einstein Bier Haus.

Other clips show the couple having sex somewhere in Bold Street and on a Merseyrail train service.

Superintendent Diane Pownall of the Merseyside Police Liverpool Community Policing team shared a statement regarding these incidents:


She told the ECHO:

"We are investigating video footage circulating on social media which shows two people having sex in a public place in Liverpool City Centre. We believe the footage was taken in Concert Square, and we are conducting extensive inquiries, including working with our partners, to establish exactly when the incident took place."

"We would urge people to refrain from sharing the video on social media and instead report anything they know about the video, or those involved, to us so that we can investigate."


She added that the police would not tolerate "illegal acts of public indecency," assuring people they would find those responsible.


"All year round, we work tirelessly with local businesses, Liverpool City Council, and other partners to ensure that our City Centre is a safe place for people to come and visit and experience our nightlife.

"We are clear that we won't let such unacceptable behavior from a small minority of people tarnish the reputation of our city, so please, come forward with any information, and we will take action."


The social media dubbed the woman "Concert Square girl."

Some were shocked, and others were amused. According to initial reports, the woman in question has an Instagram page and is on OnlyFans.

There is a hashtag #ConcertSquaregirl in the bio section.

Mayor Anderson said:

"I am extremely shocked and concerned at videos circulating showing acts of indecent exposure and sexual activity in our city. This isn't amusing – it's disturbing, damaging, and an illegal act."


"It also sets a dangerous precedent for the young women & men of our city."

The mayor added, "this is a criminal offense."

Anderson reminded us that "indecent behavior in public places in Liverpool is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I have spoken with Merseyside Police and requested immediate and appropriate action."

The police urge people to share any information about the couple.


The videos started circulating the social media approximately five days ago, on Tuesday.