Company Designs Chair For People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged

company designs chair for people who love to sit cross-legged

Love to sit cross-legged? This company has created a chair just for you, and we're loving every bit of it.

Sitting cross-legged is a default posture for millions of us. Reason? Many people feel most comfortable when having their legs tucked under each other.

However, while this posture helps you relax, it reduces blood flow to your legs. And as a result, causing you pain in your knees and calves if you sit for long.

Luckily, a company has created a unique piece of furniture, called Soul Seat, which makes cross-legged sitting more enjoyable.

company designs chair for people who love to sit cross-legged

This seat features a top perch, which you can adjust to different heights. It also has a lower platform where you can fold or cross your legs and detachable legs to place the floor's seat.

company designs chair for people who love to sit cross-legged

The creators, Health by Design, explained that the Soul Seat improves posture since it 'tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral position.'

Their company website reads:

"Designer and founder, Pack Matthews, was frustrated with how conventional ergonomic chairs left him in pain and offered no options for changing position while working at the computer."

"Collaborating with friends, a physical therapist, yoga instructors, fine woodworkers, and industrial engineers, Pack developed Health by Design's first product, the Soul Seat."

The unique design has been registered with the US Patent Office. And for those who practice yoga, this chair might be of benefit to you.

Before Matthews began to design the Soul Seat, he was often practicing yoga. And he wasn't very good at it.

However, with the help of the new chair, his practices improved. He even got more comfortable sitting on the floor.

The seat also helped him do poses he had never tried before.

Health by Design adds:

"With this product, Mathews' dream of never needing a conventional chair again became a reality."

"Now he starts his day on his yoga mat, switching to work on the computer, and ending the day stretching on the yoga mat before bed without ever having to use a conventional chair."

According to Matthews, his target customers were yogis or anyone who enjoys sitting cross-legged. Luckily, his product became a huge success.

For $875, you can have a regular Soul Seat. But if you want the Bamboo version, the price is $1,200. There's also a floor model variety that'll only set you back $575.

company designs chair for people who love to sit cross-legged

The seats also come in two materials that include Pendleton and Primera wool. They produce Soul Seats in various colors, such as black, chalk, merlot, blueprint, grey, doe, and marine.

The wooden leg of the Bamboo Soul Seat comes in three different colors: wheat, natural, and amber.