Communicating Or Just Talking? 6 Tips That Will Improve Your Relationship

Communicating Or Just Talking? 6 Tips That Will Improve Your Relationship

Communication mistakes in relationships are simple ways to destroy the bond with your partner if you aren't careful.

Miscommunication is a common and serious issue in many partnerships. Communication keeps us close, and if we feel we aren't being heard, it leads to broken hearts and tears.

Here's what to avoid and how to make sure that your partner knows they can trust you. Additionally, this will help you form stronger friendships since communication is the key to any relationship in your life.


Stop yelling!

Really, what's the point of screaming matches? If you are that angry, go for a run, but yelling only makes the argument worse.

The moment you start screaming, your partner gets defensive, and you're not talking about the issue. You're both acting like toddlers, and that's no sign of a mature relationship.

Give up on the silent treatment

Similarly to yelling, giving someone the silent treatment is equal to showing them the finger.


When you just want to end an argument, say it. You don't have to figure out everything at that moment, and that's ok. The only thing worse than shouting is saying nothing.

Speak up!

You have the power to prevent more significant issues. Once you see a red flag, speak up.

Your partner isn't a mindreader, so instead of making a big deal out of something that happened a year ago, say it now. If you don't like something, or feel hurt by their choices, open the doors of communications sooner later than later.



The art of listening is lost on many.

A disagreement is not a war; there are no winners and losers.

Pay attention to what your partner is telling you. Don't just try to convince them you know the best.

Take time to understand the other person's viewpoint, so you can actually work on the issue. If you're continually preparing a case for the defense, you do not hear anything. Partner's words are just a white nose.


No one has to do anything!

Stop forcing your partner to change or do something. Saying words like "you shouldn't" or "you must" is a losing game.

Be less aggressive and give your relationship a chance to grow. The more you insist on changing someone, the less they'll be open to exploring that option.

Don't argue over texts

Never, ever fight over text messages.


Whatever you have to say, wait until you're talking eye to eye. It's easier to understand the other person based on their body language, tone...

Text messages, emails, any form of written communication are suitable for the office, but when you're emotionally invested, these tools can a simple disagreement into a world war.