Common Things Toxic Manipulative People Do

Common Things Toxic Manipulative People Do

Manipulative people don't have your best interest at heart. No matter how many times you give them the benefit of the doubt, they will prove you wrong each time. Their only interest in you is how they can manipulate you to their advantage, with no regard for the consequences. Getting what they want is all that concerns them. They go around masquerading as your friends, partners, family, and workmates. But would you recognize a manipulative person if they entered your life?
If you are aware of some everyday things all manipulative people tend to do, then it gives you an advantage. You can be a step ahead of them and remove them from your life before they completely engulf you. Removing a manipulative person from your life can be very difficult once they've got their claws into you. If you can see the play before it even happens, it gives you a huge helping hand. Below are some typical moves of toxic and manipulative people.

Tear You Down

Manipulative people don't like to see anyone else full of confidence and succeeding. They take every chance they can get to tear you down and make you feel worthless. No matter how big or small the dig, the intention is the same. To make you doubt yourself and your success. If you get a new job, or a raise, or win a prize, they will find a way to make light of your "win" and belittle your success. They will trivialize your progress, to make you feel like you are making a big deal of minimal success. Yet if they were in a similar position, they would expect a big fanfare over their success or wins.

Practice What You Preach Doesn't Apply

Toxic people think nothing of laying down the rules and demands on others. But it's one rule for them and another for everyone else. If you break any of their rules, expect a tantrum, but keep in mind that those same rules do not apply to them. They can do as they please and if you think to question it, be prepared for a showdown. They will deflect everything back on you, so suddenly they become the one who has been wronged.

Pass The Blame

Getting into an argument with a toxic, manipulative person will leave you wanting to pull your hair out. They will take you around in circles, bringing the blame back on you. They are masters of deflection. They don't necessarily blame you for everything; they also use sneaky tactics like gaslighting to make you doubt yourself and your original complaint about them. You will be lead to believe that you are at fault for thinking wrongly of them to start with, even though you have a genuine complaint about something they have done or said.

Boundaries Mean Nothing To Them

Telling a manipulative person something a million times over has zero effect. They won't listen because they don't care. Your boundaries are irrelevant to them. It's about them, and they do what they like. They have a way of dismissing you and changing the subject when you try to put boundaries in place. If you tell them you don't like being called a particular name, they will go out of their way to call you that name anytime you call them up on something they have done.

Spreading Rumors

Whether it's true or not is irrelevant. If it suits their cause and their game plan, they will say whatever works to get them what they want. They spread lies about you and others to show people in a poor light, which makes them feel superior. They care about ruining others' reputations, especially if they see that person as a threat to them or they feel that person is doing better than them in life. They will readily tell people about your reaction, but fail to include their actions that caused you to react the way you did. They omit important parts of the story, to make sure they come out portrayed as the victim and the one who has been wronged.

No Compromise

If you know someone that cannot handle not getting their way, then they are more than likely a manipulative person. Toxic people can't comprehend things not going the way they want. It's either their way or the highway. And they will use whatever means to get things to go their way. They have no remorse for those who may get hurt along the way.