Common Things A Woman Does When She's Been Hurt Too Many Times

Common Things A Woman Does When She's Been Hurt Too Many Times

There are certain life-changing experiences you've gone through in your life that have made you who you are today. Many times, we change without even realizing it. Heartbreak is one of those experiences that can totally change us forever. It can change our behaviors and belief systems completely.

Here are things that a woman who has been hurt far too many times does:

She stops taking love seriously

A woman who has been hurt too many times starts to believe that everything that is romance-related is a joke. She won't even accept her friends' offers to hook her up with viable guys. She has felt the pain, and she is not ready to take any more risks.

She tends not to care about other people's feelings

Because of her past experiences, she has no problem hurting other people. Whenever she feels like she is falling for someone, she will leave him because she doesn't want him to leave her first. Many times, she will find herself in the wrong relationships and end up playing with innocent people's feelings.

She hooks up with her exes

Even though she knows that being around her exes is likely to damage her further, she just can't help it. She tends to love the pain and doesn't have a problem hanging out with people who are likely to hurt her. She believes she has nothing to lose and that shows in her behavior.

She becomes more secretive

Her experiences have made her reluctant to share her secrets with others. Many times, she feels that if she shares her deepest secrets, the information may be used against her. If that has happened to her before, she will be more guarded with her secrets than ever. Rather than experience heartbreak again, she'd rather keep things to herself.

She gets suspicious of other people's intentions

Years of hurt have made her cynical and suspicious. She believes that the world is full of manipulative individuals out to play with other people's emotions. She has no hope of falling in love again in the future because she doesn't believe in love anymore.

She becomes flirtatious toward people

Gone are the days when she was in love with one person at a time. Years of hurt have made her flirtatious toward everyone because she doesn't care about hurting others or getting hurt. If she has to use you and then abandon you, she will. She couldn't care less.

She loses respect for people

When she trusted people, they let her down. She has learned a lesson. She will never allow herself to be used again. She will never let another human being into her soul because she was played with too much. She thinks that everyone is out to get her and she just won't let that happen.

She laughs at the idea of romance

Things that she considered sweet and romantic have become cringe-worthy. She will see two people who are in love and have something negative to say about them. She has merely stopped seeing love as something easily attainable.