Come 2020, I'll Walk By Faith

Come 2020, I’ll Walk By Faith

2020 is almost upon us. And I have a declaration to make. When the new year gets here, I am putting all my faith in God.

I Will Let God's Plans For My Life Prevail

All the doors He closes I will walk away from, and I will trust in His timing for I know that will give me the best results. He perfects all the imperfections in my life.

Come 2020, I Will Follow Only His Signs

I will not try to interpret these signs for my benefit, and I will not let my misguided sense of direction get in the way. I will hear what He has to say to me and not listen to what I want to hear. When I lose my way, He will be my refuge.

When 2020 Comes, I Will Take My Problems To Him, Not Other People

Why seek help from people who are just as clueless as I am? He is the only one with the power and the good intentions to fix my many problems. Nobody else can really solve my problems but God.

In 2020, I Will Let Go Of Whatever Does Not Belong In My Life

My vain ambitions and expectations I will leave behind and cling to what God has graced me with. I will not stress myself out trying to keep everything under control. I am leaving all that worthless effort behind to focus on what is truly mine and given to me by God.

Come 2020, I Will Put All My Trust In God

He knows my heart, and He knows my needs. God can help me and He knows my situation better than I do. He never forgets about me, and only Him can put back the broken pieces and restore me. He is worthy of all my trust, and come the new year, I will trust Him in everything. He is my all, my ultimate.

When 2020 Comes, I Will Walk By Faith And Follow Its Lead

With faith, I will get where I need to be in life. Faith will transform my life from within and change my situation. I have faith that everything will work out because it will. I know that with faith all things will work in my favor. Through faith, I will get what's mine, and God will make sure that what does not belong in my life will never be part of it.

I know God will turn my life around come the new year, and nobody can stop His great plan for my life unless I let them. So, I will not let go of my trust in Him.