Colorado Woman Holds Her Tinder Date Hostage In Bed: If You Scream, I'll Kill You!

A woman from Colorado Springs has been arrested for second-degree kidnapping and assault. She was also accused of committing menacing and false imprisonment.

Lauren Dooley is 22, and her story is quite horrifying. Her victim was fortunate to make it out of the ordeal alive.

A 21-year-old male showed up on 28th September at Lauren's apartment. Before the meeting, the two had shared messages on Tinder.

When the man entered Lauren's living room, they briefly talked before she took off his clothes and gave him oral sex.

After that, she came up with a kinky idea to tie his hands and ankles with duct tape. She said that they would have adventurous foreplay.

Although the man was reluctant, he agreed to her suggestion. From there, a horrifying situation started to unfold.

Lauren produced a kitchen knife and motioned the man to go into the bedroom. Afraid for his life, the man followed what the woman was saying.

At that point, he was her captor. Once he got onto the bed, the woman got on top of him, cut him with the kitchen knife, and strangled him with a belt.

As time went by, Lauren decided to order some takeout. She still had blood on her upper body.

She was also getting upset over the fact that the man was bleeding all over her bed. Therefore, she asked him to get into the bathtub.

He agreed to get into the bathtub.

The food she had ordered through Door Dash was finally at her door. She told the man that she would kill him if he screamed or said anything.

After she had her meal, Lauren asked the man to get back on the bed. He waited for her to fall asleep before attempting to escape.

When she was finally asleep, he got her knife, which she had left close to his tied-up feet. He managed to free himself and tip-toe out of the apartment.

However, in the process of escaping, he bumped into a table and woke Lauren up. At this point, he had to run out of the house to get away from her.

Once in the parking lot, he called the police, who arrived soon after. They recovered the kitchen knife and the bloody sheets.

They also found the bloody bathtub where the man was made to stay as Lauren enjoyed her meal. The woman was taken into custody and charged.