Colorado Restaurant Charges Extra For Asking Stupid Questions

Colorado Restaurant Charges Extra For Asking Stupid Questions

Going to Tom's Diner in Denver means you should think before ordering. Unless you're willing to pay. Whoever said there are no stupid questions, obviously haven't met people who ask, "How many tacos come in a three-pack?"

A Reddit user shared a bill from a restaurant in Denver, Colorado. He had one mashed potato, one tender chicken basket, and one stupid question. Wait; what? Of course, people thought it was a joke, but though it's meant to be fun, you still get to pay 0.38 USD for asking something like, "How many flautas come in a three-pack?" The restaurant went viral, but this isn't a new thing. It's a joke that's been around for over two decades, and the locals seem to enjoy playful banters with the owners.

The workers speak

People who used to work in Tom's Diner confirmed that this is indeed a real thing. It was a witty response to dad jokes. But the people loved it, and now it's part of the restaurant's legacy. It had to be noted that the price of one stupid question was 0.48, but it dropped. Most likely because the owners were making too much from other's people's stupidity and that wasn't the goal.

And they inspired other food industry employees to give their examples of human stupidity. One Reddit user said: "Do you have those sandwich things? He meant tacos. Why would a place called Taco Cabana sell those?" And people wanted to know more, so it turned into an amusing banter between customers and people who prepare and serve the food.

The restaurant's response

The manager of the company, Hunter Landry, explained: "It is meant to be playful. It's good to keep things light in today's world. When we have a good fun table that engages with us or when they ask about the charge, it's always fun to add it on." He added that his personal favorites and the questions he loves to charge for are: "Does the ice have any water in it?" or "are there any dues for the turkey club sandwich?"

The goal is to make customers think before they ask something silly, condescending, or downright stupid. It's not insulting, in fact, you don't have to pay unless you ask for the bill. Servers didn't actually put this on the invoice unless a customer requested it. 'It's on the menu for entertainment value.

The fun's in the menu

Several years ago, the restaurant's menu included a few more clever options. For those who aimed for a healthy meal, the menu offered: "Skip your next meal," and the price was: Money well saved. "Walk home" had the highest cost ever: Priceless. It seems that this sarcastic and no BS approach suits many people. The restaurant is going strong, and the publicity they got with the Reddit crowd, moved to social media.

The next time you're in Denver, maybe check out what's new on the menu! And share it, as we hope that this restaurant never loses its sense of humor!