In Colorado, parents of five children were robbed and shot dead by an 18-year-old after responding to a fake used car advert.

Joseph Roland, 39, and his wife, Jossline, 40, went to the Southlands Mall, Colorado, to buy a 2017 Toyota Rav4 they had seen for sale on the Letgo app by a man named James Worthy.

However, upon arrival, the couple met Kyree Brown, 18, who told them he had accidentally brought the wrong car.

colorado parents of 5 shot dead after responding to advertisement to buy used car

Brown somehow convinced the couple to follow him to his apartment, according to an arrest affidavit.

From there, things took a violent turn.

Once outside the apartment, Brown got out of his car and pulled out a gun at the couple. While they were still in their car, he demanded the cash they had brought to buy the Toyota Rav4.

According to an arrest affidavit, Brown told police that he then fired when the couple’s vehicle began to move forward.

The teen also allegedly admitted to shooting Joseph but claimed he shot his wife by accident.

After the shooting, he stole around $3,000 in cash from the couple and fled from the scene.

The couple was later found unresponsive at the scene and taken to the hospital. They died within five minutes of each other.

Following the encounter, Brown listed the car for sale again, using a different name — Jessica Harlan.

Police were able to trace him through his email account and cellphone number on the Letgo app and detained him.

He’s now facing two counts of first-degree murder charges.

The couple has left five children; the eldest is only 17.

colorado parents of 5 shot dead after responding to advertisement to buy used car

According to the police report, Joseph’s 17-year-old daughter told investigators they had planned to go with her dad to buy the car.

However, she couldn’t make it as she had other plans. She also told cops that her dad used to buy and restore used cars for a living.

Their family has now started a GoFundMe page to support the kids.

The GoFundMe organizer, Brittany Southerland, wrote on the page:

“They leave behind five sweet children.”

“Anyone who knew Joe and Jossline would remember they were always the first to help. They were the best people you could know, and their door was always open to friends and family.”

Speaking of the children, now orphaned, Brittany added:

“No amount of money can replace what they’ve lost. But maybe we can pull together and provide some financial security for them.”

“Joe and Jossline are irreplaceable.”

Many social media users have also reacted with shock and sadness to the tragedy.

One user shared:

“No need to waste money on trial here. He admitted it. Straight to the chair.”

While another added:

“My heart breaks for their family.”

May the victims get justice and rest in peace.