Color Theory: Picking Colors To Turn On Your Boyfriend

Color Theory: Picking Colors To Turn On Your Boyfriend

Want to make date night a bit steamier or help your boyfriend feel that pang of desire for you after a long day of work? It can be difficult to set the mood to sultry, especially if you are still getting to know the other person. But if you need an easy way to turn up the heat and turn on your boyfriend at any stage of the relationship, all you need is a bit of color.

Color Psychology

color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

Color psychology is a popular concept that operates on the idea that colors influence the emotional state of the human brain. It is used a ton in marketing and design, but it hasn't been a large area of focus for research psychologists.

We know that colors are used as cultural symbols and can differ around the world and from century to century. For example, Western culture uses the color black to symbolize death, whereas, in some Eastern cultures, they use white. In 1918, pink was the color most suitable for boys and blue for girls. This was because pink was believed to be the stronger of the two colors.

For the most part, the conclusions between color and psychology remain a cultural phenomenon as opposed to proven research.

Despite the lack of research, humans have built these connections between events and emotional qualities, and colors for an incredible amount of time. It is safe to assume that color does affect our emotional state of being.

Can Colors Really Turn People On?

color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

Colors are usually separated into two main groups: warm and cool colors. Think of warm colors as your Type A personality. They are passionate, engaging and can sometimes be connected to anger and hostile feelings. Cool colors are your chill colors. Your Type B. Cool colors are used to create a relaxing setting but also can be thought of as sad.

If you use these colors correctly, they can set the mood you want and draw attention to the parts of you you want your boyfriend to see. Holding up color cards in front of his face may not work, but putting on some red lipstick definitely could.

Colors To Turn On Your Boyfriend

Though this article keeps referencing "boyfriend," who's to say these colors couldn't work for a girlfriend or any sort of partner as well?


color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

Red is one of those colors that has been proven to turn people on for centuries! Put on some red lipstick to accentuate your lips -- a part of the body completely associated with seduction. You could even sport a nice red tie or bowtie with a suit to bring attention to the fact that, well, your face is up there, and you want your partner to stare at it lovingly.

Red also gets warmer in sepia-toned light, making a red bedroom all the more intimate.

For women, using the color red could play to your advantage when turning on a boyfriend. A University of Rochester study showed that men find women in red more sexually appealing. I guess that's why there's even a song devoted to the wardrobe choice.

There has also been research done on the color, and although this is a very unsexy thing to mention, fast food chains use it to excite people's attention. It is just one of those colors that stirs emotion! Even if turning on your boyfriend means upping the potential excitement meter, red is the way to go -- and maybe a quarter pounder with cheese?


color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

Purple is royalty and richness, femininity, and if you go really dark in your purple shade, sadness. But apparently, it doesn't matter what shade of purple you use. Purple sheets will increase your chances of being between them.

A British survey conducted in 2012 showed that purple rooms and purple bedsheets meant more sex. If you want to really turn on your boyfriend in a not-so-subtle way, then maybe invest in a nice set of purple silk sheets.


color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

A little black dress, a fitted black tee-shirt, well, it may seem funeral at first, but wearing black is sexy, mysterious, and enticing. When this color is worn correctly, it can hide imperfections and demonstrate strength and power.

Wearing black clothing was first fetishized in the Victorian era when widows were expected to dedicate two and a half years to mourning their deceased husbands. They could not engage in relationships until this period of time passed and had to wear black.

Of course, anything off-limits has a huge tendency to become desired, including the idea of a scandalous love affair with a widow in mourning. If she wore black, then she was a sexual mystery.

In other words, if your boyfriend likes mysterious and moody, put on a black dress or throw on some black lingerie. That'll definitely turn him on.

Turn Him On Using Your Color

color theory: picking colors to turn on your boyfriend

Wearing a beige-colored outfit doesn't always shout, "Hey! I want you to be turned on!" and colors like mustard yellow and lime green aren't usually turn-on first choices. Yet, these psychological assumptions all operate based on sexiness and laws of attraction, which is completely subjective.

The best way to use color to turn on your boyfriend is to pick the colors you are most comfortable wearing and that please both of you. When you're comfortable and confident, the best "you" can shine forth. That should be all that's needed to make your boyfriend's heart skip a few beats.