Color Of Money: Attracting Cash With Colors Is Easy Peasy

Color Of Money: Attracting Cash With Colors Is Easy Peasy

We rely on Feng Shui when it comes to picking furniture pieces, so there's no harm trying to attract money by using the ancient philosophy. The question is: which colors actually attract big bucks?

Money might as well be the root of all evil, but it also makes the world go round. It's not like we're talking about becoming billionaires: most people merely want to have enough to live decent lives.

In a perfect world, every person would be able to afford food and rent. However, we live in a deeply flawed society, so if that means turning to Feng Shui to get some extra cash, there's no harm in trying.

Feng Shui is an ancient art, philosophy, and pseudoscience. There's no real evidence that it works, but the Chinese tradition is once again as popular as it was decades ago.

Probably because we need some comfort and a sense of control in all the madness that's surrounding us.

The first rule of attracting money via Feng Shui colors is to believe. That's not that hard: when you know some basic rules, apply them, wake up your childlike curiosity to see what will happen.

The second rule is not to be greedy, but that's the core belief of any decent human.

Feng Shui And Money In The Kitchen

color of money: attracting cash with colors is easy peasy

Money comes to clean surfaces. If you want to be more prosperous, you have to keep your kitchen uncluttered, and neat.


Furthermore, you cannot have any devices that aren't working correctly. This is a general rule in Feng Shui: if it's broken, fix it ASAP!

The kitchen should be in calming shades because that's a place where you make food, which goes to your digestive system known as the second brain.

There's a million great reason to keep your kitchen clean, but to attract money via Feng Shui, add green and purple elements.

A lavender wall is an ideal solution for every kitchen, and it's interesting enough so that you won't get bored with your white furniture quickly. Fresh flowers will do some good, as well as tiny amounts of red.

Prosperity Through Natural Elements

color of money: attracting cash with colors is easy peasy

Your whole home should be filled with pieces that bring you joy. If you're accumulating old and broken things, you won't attract any money, no matter how much you want to believe.

A vibrant, healthy, inspiring, and clutter-free home needs plants, water, and fresh air to attract money. Add gold details next to your purple or red armchair.

In China, it is believed that red is the color of abundance and wealth. Yellow brings out creativity, while gold presents life. You don't have to make your home a colorful nightmare to create the perfect Feng Shui.


In fact, you can use nude or greyish shades for your furniture but add sparkling details, in small amounts. Now that you know that your home should be on the minimalistic side, there's one thing you have to have to attract big bucks.

Fountains, whether inside or in your front yard, stimulate prosperity and energy. The more energetic you feel, the more positive you'll be. And positivity attracts good fortune and sufficient amounts of money.

So, make sure that your home is inviting yet humble and find your inspiration in nature. That being said, adding red, orange, yellow, green, and purple will make you richer. Well, we hope so!

Feng Shui For Money Can Be Playful

color of money: attracting cash with colors is easy peasy

You never know where the extra money might come from. And that element of surprise should be on your mind when you're using colors to create a home that will enjoy the cash.

If you're having fun while you're playing with colors, you are creating better energy.

A sterile environment isn't going to bring anything but boredom. Clutter brings laziness. Being practical and enjoying your home, truly is what will get you more cash.

Throw pillows in vibrant, sun-kissed shades look just messy enough, but they can be useful as well. They can give any old sofa a new charm, so it's like an instant makeover!

The thing about Feng Shui is that it's full of strict rules. However, you have to break some and make your own to get that good energy flow.


If you're not into green, try mint or turquoise shades. And if you don't like yellow, perhaps orange is a better choice.

Whatever you do with colors at your home, it's vital that they fit your taste.

The Home Office Is Your Moneymaker

color of money: attracting cash with colors is easy peasy

No, you can't work from bed, while drowning in fresh laundry. You have to set a small home office and invest time to make you more money.

A desk should be facing the door and windows. You must not have useless things on your working table since it sends the wrong signal.

When it comes to the color scheme, keep it simple: wood and one gold frame will do. Place your wallet next to that same metal frame, and watch your bank account grow!

You need to respect your home office. It doesn't matter whether you love or loathe your job, but at least learn to be grateful that you're working.

If you're looking for a job, get a beautiful, clean light yellow clothing piece. It's a small Feng Shui trick that will bring you new opportunities.


The only color you don't have to have around you while working is red. Shades of red are ideal for attracting abundance and love, but if you overdo it, you might get some angry energy.

Wear Colors To Get More Feng Shui Wealth

color of money: attracting cash with colors is easy peasy

Perhaps you can't do much about your apartment at the moment, but you sure as heck can add some color to your everyday life.

Red nails, emerald green cardigan, or yellow summer skirt are a great start. And velvet purple blazer is a must-have if you want to share some love for Prince.

If you want an all-black look, that's fine; no one has to know that you're wearing mint underwear!

If you have a gold necklace, place your wallet next to it and leave it there every night.

It sounds silly, but let's remember that the ancient philosophy is older than the vast majority of countries on this planet.

While you're at it, remember one Feng Shui rule which might change your life.

Don't let the divine energy leave your home by not turning the bathroom light off, or leaving the bathroom door open. This is an extra tip, free of charge!

It's not all about the Benjamins, but let's be fair: life's less stressful when your bank account is above zero!