Cole Sprouse Claims His 'Narcissistic' Mom Sacrificed Him For Fame And Money

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody actor Cole Sprouse admits 'the choice never truly existed' when his acting career began at barely eight months old.

The child star that we all grew up admiring is now 30 years old.

The well-known twin brother has been talking openly about his lengthy career in the film business and how their mother sacrificed their upbringing in order to achieve fame and wealth.

Cole revealed that while never being forced into acting, he "unconsciously" performed it to put food on the table in a recent episode of Steven Bartlett's The Diary of a CEO.

"I would hardly call it pushing because I was eight months old," Cole stated.

"Single mom, two twin boys, put food on the table, so the choice never really existed."

The Riverdale star claims that his mother "lived vicariously" via her children's achievements.

"A person that grapples with mental illness, drug abuse, but primarily narcissism," the twin added, "a wicked narcissism."

He claims that "the court had to step in" because "the legal system" determined that the mother "was unfit" to nurture her children.

"I loved being on stage. I didn't like the sh*t that came with it," Cole added.

"This industry encourages the worst qualities of you... selfishness, greed. You know, authenticity and vulnerability are not really encouraged traits.

"You're given these lessons in your life so that you can triumph over them and use the traits that you've acquired from those lessons over time to carve out who you are.

"The proliferation of Social Media means you can't cut your Teeth In silence anymore. Everyone sees your portfolio globally.

"And you're expected to put it on display.

"I feel quite afraid for young actors now who have to hone their craft over time, but to a global audience."

Cole previously discussed The Suite Life on the Call Her Daddy podcast, calling it a "life-changing" program that helped both him and his twin brother Dylan.

The 30-year-old said: "Funny enough, I get asked about Disney a lot because I think a lot of people want to sort of poke the bear and see, you know, how atrocious the channel was.

"By the time my brother and I got to the Disney Channel, we were good. It was a huge boon to us.

"It was in many ways, a life-saving show. It provided us with an amount of stability and consistency, and routine, that really was needed for my brother and me at the time."