Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

The popularity of coconut and coconut oil has soared in recent years. This is because of the supposed health benefits that everyone keeps talking about. Many celebrity endorsements fueled the coconut oil obsession. We have been putting coconut oil on every part of our bodies to check if it will magically help in the past year.

There is now a new trend of using coconut on eyelashes. Coconut oil will help blast away belly fat, curb appetite, strengthen the immune system, prevent heart disease, and stave off dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and of course, strengthen your hair. Then it should be perfectly safe to use coconut oil on eyelashes, right?

There are many kinds of research featuring coconut oil today, and many of its supposed benefits have been proved. This oil has become a popular fat choice for its rich flavor and mild coconut aroma, but it is not only used in your kitchen.

By now, you've probably heard all about the benefits of using coconut oil on your skin, hair, and weight loss, but what about using coconut oil on eyelashes?

Origin Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Coconut oil is as old as 4000 years. There are about 3960 years of documented historical applications of the edible and healing properties of the fruits of the coconut palm. The best this is that they have all been positive.

Coconut oil is currently attracting endorsements from athletes and celebrities for its alleged health-promoting effects. This oil was once considered exotic outside of the tropics. However, it is now showing up in supermarkets and health food stores everywhere.

This oil is now best known as a functional food. Over the years, it started to be used not only in kitchens but for its health benefits. It graduated from being only a cooking ingredient to a cosmetic ingredient.

On top of it all, coconut oil is now used as an antimicrobial agent, biofuel, and even a possible medicine for serious ailments. If you knew that coconut oil might save you from obesity, dementia, and even Alzheimer's disease, wouldn't you make sure to use it daily?

The unique metabolism of MCFAs explains some of coconut oil's physiological effects. MCFAs are saturated fats that have suffered quite a bit of critique but are now on the road to redemption. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated no correlation between coconut oil consumption and coronary heart disease. Quite the opposite, traditional coconut-consuming populations, such as the Polynesians, show a favorable lipid profile and low levels of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Coconut oil has been demonized since the 1950s because of its high saturated fat content, but it is turning a new leaf and surging in popularity as a health food. It has a variety of uses: cooking oil, shortening, nutritional supplement, personal care ingredient, antimicrobial agent, and biofuel.

It is the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) such as lauric acid (C12:0) that this oil derives its uses from. These acids are metabolized differently from long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) and are not harmful. Currently, coconut oil is a common ingredient in personal care products. For example, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics can all feature coconut oil.

Lauric acid and its derivatives are used as detergents and surfactants in cleansers. Another benefit of coconut oil is rubbing VCO directly on the skin, which can boost the skin's moisture and lipid content, similar to mineral oil.

Whether you prefer drinking coconut water or using the oil as a moisturizer or adding a spoonful to bakes, this ingredient offers a lot of versatility. The coconut rose to prominence in both our kitchens and bathrooms. Virgin coconut oil is deemed to be higher quality than refined coconut oil and is said to be richer in beneficial ingredients and recommended to be used instead.

How Does Putting Coconut Oil On Eyelashes Help?

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Today, coconut oil is one of the beauty industry's worst-kept secrets and is considered a cosmetic stable. This is a product that has been praised for its beneficial effects on skin and hair. Then it is not strange that people have started using coconut oil on eyelashes.

Coconut oil contains many fine properties, such as natural fatty acids, which help cell growth in the human body. In this case, putting coconut oil on eyelashes should help them grow thicker and stronger. It is one of the best natural ways to give your eyelashes a little boost and make them pop.

The oil has a pleasant scent and will immediately soothe and moisturize your eyelashes. It will help to create separation and definition and give your eyelashes a slightly reflective, glossy quality. All of this helps create a fresh and natural look.

If you would like to use coconut oil on eyelashes more often, it can lead to long-lasting benefits. It can help to replenish your eyelashes with hydration and nutrition. This ultimately helps your eyelashes last longer before falling off or breaking.

The best thing is that coconut oil is also really easy to find. You can purchase coconut oil in supermarkets, health food stores, drugstores, and pharmacies too. Compared to most eyelash growth serums, it is relatively inexpensive. The amount of coconut oil on eyelashes that you need to use is so small that it will last you for ages.

If you would like to use coconut oil on eyelashes, the easiest option is to use it as an eye makeup remover. Coconut oil works magic when removing traces of mascara and liner. It also conditions your eyelashes at the same time. To do this, simply dab coconut oil onto a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your eyes.

There is another option to apply coconut oil on eyelashes directly as an overnight conditioning treatment. To do this, use a disposable eyeliner brush or mascara wand, or Q tip. Apply the oil on makeup-free eyelashes. The best time to apply coconut oil is at night so that the oil has time to absorb for maximum effect fully.

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Safe?

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Proven by medical studies all over the world - coconut oil is safe near your eyes. There will be no adverse effects of using coconut oil around your eyes, so don't worry.

Take in mind not to rub it into your eyes, but this is the warning that comes with all products. While you should be gentle and careful when applying coconut oil on eyelashes, you won't need urgent care if it comes in contact with your eye. It is very unlikely that coconut oil will cause any irritation, and you can easily wipe it off without any consequences.

On top of being safe, coconut oil is also good for your eyes. Most of the fatty acids found in coconut oil are lauric acids. These acids have great antifungal and antibacterial properties. This means that coconut oil will protect your eyelashes from falling prey to infections that limit hair growth.

Those same fatty acids also deliver great nourishment and hydration to your lashes and hair follicles. It seems that there is no end to the benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes Vs Eyebrows

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

The best-known property of coconut oil is its capacity to forestall the breakage of hair. When applied to your hair previously or after washing, it ensures the reduction of keratin protein losses. Even though this is true primarily for on scalp hair, it also might be valid eyebrow hairs. If coconut oil helps your hair and your eyelashes, it should benefit your eyebrows too.

Applying coconut oil on your eyebrows before or after washing your face could ensure that you get fuller and thicker eyebrows. The best time to do this is at night before going to sleep or after removing your makeup. Coconut oil prevents breakage of hair follicles and will keep your eyebrows nice and strong.

There is proof that coconut oil infiltrates the hair better than other oils. This is why its use is highlighted among other hair oils. It retains the moisture content of the hair and hinders the hair from moisture loss. Due to this, your eyebrows will be a lot healthier and fuller.

As we said before, coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lauric acid present in the formulation of coconut oil can guard against these microorganisms. As this will help your eyelashes and hair, it will prove beneficial for your eyebrows.

On top of it all, the application of coconut oil has a positive impact on your eye health. Using coconut oil on eyelashes and eyebrows can shield the skin around your eyes and prevent some common skin diseases.

Other Uses Of Coconut Oil In Cosmetics

Coconut Oil On Eyelashes – Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

Coconut oil shines as a beauty product. It can be used on your hair as an in-shower mask to boost moisture or smooth a bit on dry hair to tame frizz. If you want to use it on your skin, coconut oil can be used as a lip balm or body moisturizer.

Extra-virgin coconut oil is recommended when you are using it for your body or hair.

There are science-backed reasons for applying coconut oil to your body and hair. The oil's ability to moisturize skin helps people suffering from atopic dermatitis or eczema. Studies found that coconut oil reduced symptoms better than olive oil. It was also superior in clearing a staph infection from the skin. This further suggests that coconut oil has antifungal and antiviral properties.

Parents can use coconut oil on their older kids' skin, too. In children with atopic dermatitis, using virgin coconut oil for eight weeks relieved skin dryness better than mineral oil. In fact, 93 percent of those using coconut oil saw a moderate or excellent improvement, while 53 percent of those using mineral oil did.

If you are suffering from a skin disease or would just like to improve your hair straight, you may want to keep a jar of coconut oil in your bathroom.