Coco Austin Has "Bittersweet" Emotions As Daughter Chanel Joins 1st Grade

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Coco Austin's daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow, is now a first grader. The social media influencer has described the experience as a "bitter-sweet" moment.

Eager fans couldn't help but gush over the girl, considering how fast she had grown up. People offered encouragement to the little girl, with one of them advising her not to "cry too much."

Coco and Ice-T welcomed their daughter a few years back, and she has already been involved in several controversies due to how her parents treat her.

Coco is no stranger to controversy. She was criticized when she posted a picture of her daughter during a vacation in the Bahamas in May.

The girl was in a stroller, and she looked miserable. This was probably because she was too old to ride in a stroller.

In the past, Coco suggested she could get on OnlyFans so her fans could have a better selection of her sexy photos. One of her followers had suggested that it was "never too late for an OnlyFans page."

The model responded by saying she was giving the idea some thought. This made her fans ask her to get on OnlyFans as soon as she could.

At the time, Ice-T had just spoken publicly against allegations that the two were planning on getting divorced. A fan had even noted that he was not being spotted with their daughter anymore.

The rapper responded by saying that he did not like taking pictures and urged people to stop misunderstanding things.

Coco was divorced before, and she decided to post a picture of her and her husband having a good time in an attempt to quell the divorce rumors.