Coachella Puppy Dumpster Dumper Arrested And Charged With Animal Cruelty

On Monday, a woman was caught on tape dumping seven puppies into a dumpster. This incident took place in Coachella, California.

Later on, the woman was identified based on the evidence on the tape, and she is now under arrest. She is facing animal cruelty charges.

The unfortunate puppies are believed to be terrier mixes. Luckily, at the moment, they are safe and sound in the hands of animal services. After they were discovered, the organization took them in and took care of them.


Without this assistance, the puppies wouldn't have had much of a chance at survival. According to the animal services department that took them in, the puppies were so small that they needed to be bottle-fed.

If there is any consolation that justice was served after this cruel act, it is to be found in the fact that the woman responsible has been put under arrest.

In fact, the 54-year-old woman is facing not one but 7 counts of felony animal cruelty for what she was caught doing to the puppies on tape.


In the video that incriminated her, she can be clearly seen throwing the puppies into a dumpster close to an auto parts store on Thursday before getting away quickly in her car.

According to the video, she was in a white Jeep. Then she got out holding a sealed plastic bag, which she threw into the dumpster. After the suspicious activity, she can be seen driving away.

It later turned out that it was not the trash she was throwing away, but 7 adorable puppies who deserved better treatment, even from someone who wanted nothing to do with their upbringing.


Obviously, the puppies were quite vulnerable. But by a stroke of luck, the little innocent creatures were found by a passerby. After that, an employee at the store got animal services on the phone.

According to the Riverside County Animal Services, the little pups were around 3 days old. The organization went on to add that there was absolutely no justification for what the woman did.

If the woman did not want the puppies, she could have handed them over to animal services or even other shelters. She could also consider giving them to other people willing to take care of them.


The animal services department commander said that what happened was shameful, and it was completely unnecessary considering all the options the woman had at her disposal.