Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky

clint eastwood celebrates 91st birthday – we certainly feel lucky

Practically all movie lovers know of Clint Eastwood. The towering Hollywood celebrity has been an actor since he was 24, and he turned 90 in May 2020.

Despite his advanced age, he has been pretty active in the entertainment industry. Therefore, many people are surprised at how well his health has held up despite his age.

Most people know Clint Eastwood for his unforgettable influence during the '70s and '80s. That is why many older people can easily recognize him and his work in an instant.

Younger generations mostly know him for works such as Gran Torino and The Mule. These people also saw him when he already had white hair.

Therefore, they might not have gotten a chance to appreciate how masculine he was back in the 80's.

Clint Eastwood Has Been A Raging Success

Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky

Clint Eastwood has appeared in numerous movies, and he has always been very animated and energetic. Without a doubt, he has had a charmed life.

He has also been incredibly successful in the entertainment business, which has earned him a positive reputation. However, he is currently getting a lot of popularity for his longevity.

Most people don't live as long as he has.

Fortunately, he has not been very cagey about his secrets to a long life. One of his tips is the ability to adapt to different circumstances in life.

When he was young and well into his adulthood, Clint Eastwood always exercised. That had the benefit of keeping his bones strong and healthy.

He also credits his long and successful life to his willingness to move on from one situation to another. As far as he is concerned, frequent change is important when seeking success in life.

There are few roles Clint Eastwood has not taken during this career. He has acted as a legendary hero and also played regular characters.

He has stated before that admitting that you are growing old makes things worse. Therefore, he advises everyone to live their lives to the fullest.

Age should not determine how you live your life. He has always believed that, and he has always practiced these tricks throughout his life.

He Didn't Think He'd Live So Long

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Clint said that he did not think he would live so long when he was younger.

Apparently, after seeing his elderly grandfather when young, he came to the conclusion that he did not want to live long.

Clint's career began back in 1954 in his film, Revenge of the Creature. Soon, he found himself in Lady Godiva of Coventry.

His amateurish acting got him a lot of criticism. He was still quite green.

Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky
clint eastwood celebrates 91st birthday – we certainly feel lucky

Nevertheless, he didn't give up, and he carried on until he got his first major film role in 1958. From then, great opportunities started coming his way and he played many iconic roles in several films.

These movies included spaghetti westerns, Where Eagles Dare, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and many others.

After having a highly successful film career, Clint decided it was time to try something else.

He decided it was time to try his hand at directing and producing. Eventually, he was popular for The Mule and Gran Torino.

Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky

Today, Clint Eastwood has eight children, and it seems like he purposely wanted to have a big family. Maybe that has something to do with his having such a long life.

Not only has he lived a highly successful life, but he has also left behind a lot of kids to keep his glowing legacy alive.

In fact, some of his children have tried their hand in the film industry. Others, however, took different career paths.

His Son Spoke About His 90th Birthday Celebration

Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky

His birthday last year was a quiet affair spent with his family. Scott Eastwood, his son, told the media of how the family celebrated his dad's birthday after he turned 90 on May 31, 2020.

His family was seen together for the first time back in 2018 during the premiere of the film The Mule. Christina, along with his first wife Maggie Johnson, joined his eight kids at the event.

According to his son, his family was only going to take the legend out to a "nice lunch" and while at it, "sneak a cake in there" because he probably wouldn't like it. That's right: Clint Eastwood "doesn't like birthdays."

In fact, we still don't know how he celebrated his 91st birthday. Hopefully, it was a loving affair enjoyed in the company of his family and loved ones.

He has been in a relationship with Christina Sandera, a 57-year-old restaurant hostess from California, since 2015. Since his first two marriages, this is the first serious relationship he has been in.

Obviously, people wonder how his family gets along, considering that he has so many kids. However, media reports confirmed that everyone in his family gets along just fine, even though his family might seem a little complicated.

Clint Eastwood Celebrates 91st Birthday – We Certainly Feel Lucky
clint eastwood celebrates 91st birthday – we certainly feel lucky

That does not mean he takes this for granted. Back in 2020, a magazine reported that the legendary entertainer takes "great comfort that at this time of his life, all his kids are close."

People can't exactly figure out how he managed to do this.

His life mantra might help explain this puzzling feat:

"You are given one shot, and you should do the best you can with it. In the end, you've just got to be happy with what you've done. There you are."

We wish Clint Eastwood a happy 91st birthday.