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Clear Neon-Plastic Shorts Are In Fashion, But There's A Silver Lining

Clear Neon-plastic Shorts Are In Fashion, But There’s A Silver Lining

Spring has been canceled, but we are ready for summer and some serious fashion upgrades. Meet 90s inspired transparent plastic shorts for men. The fashion crowd loves them!

Summer trends are often amusing. Well, fashion, in general, can make us laugh, though I am not sure that that's what people behind the scenes had in mind. Since spring isn't an option, we are heading into the hottest months. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this darn virus will give us our lives back until then.

If you're a man, or you want to make your guy look Instagram-ready, it's time to get a pair of see-through plastic shorts. They can wear them to the beach, or for brunch, or somewhere in a park. Anywhere here kids aren't allowed. But seriously, these pants are bizarre, yet I've seen worse.

Not that long ago, we saw women's plastic skirts, as well as transparent plastic boots as well as jeans. Now, that's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's the other side of the 90s fashion. Bet you forgot about that trend or prayed that it wouldn't come back. Well, nope.

Life in plastic, it's fantastic

If you, in some strange case, do like these shorts, they are a work of (I'm using that term loosely) Maverick Swimwear, and pretty much the only thing that isn't shocking is the price. A pair of these tiny shorts is 26.99 USD, and no, you don't get the pants underneath.

While I am sitting in my quarantine, away from people, I am trying to understand the target audience. So far, I have a bachelorette party or some vital statement. You can actually write messages on these shorts, so, yes, this can be quite useful.

However, the details are very trendy, neon is still going strong, and that's the silver lining. The real issue is the fabric: how sweaty will a guy's manhood get, and is that even healthy? Or just gross?

Fashion fades and fails

While we are on the subject of fashion, remember furry slippers? They were over 2000 USD, and every single fashionista wore them. I am just going to say it: these shorts are more appealing than those Gucci slippers.

And speaking of genuinely awful fashion, let's leave at chunky highlights, dad sneakers with feminine dresses, a whole lot of eyebrows, summer boots, velvet tracksuits, pants hanging around the knee area, feel free to stop me anytime.

So, if you take a closer look at some of the biggest trends from the last three decades, it's clear (pun intended) that these clear neon shorts aren't that bad. But, yes, I'd buy them as a prank. Freak out your boyfriend and bring on fake tears if he tells you he doesn't love the shorts.

Something to look forward to

We need humor to survive this planetary chaos. If that means you'll be watching guys showing their post quarantine work out in these, you should consider yourself lucky.

And if a guy skips the actual shorts or any underwear, it's good to know what you're dealing with. Admit it: it's more honest than push bras or butt paddings.

Stay at home, if possible, and give yourself a break. Even if that means creating a whole fashion show with these shorts. Let's be grateful even for the biggest fashion mistakes. They are awesome!