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Cinnabon Has A Rolled Pancake Kit For The Ultimate Breakfast Treat

Can anything be more indulgent than a Cinnabon cinnamon bun? I doubt it. I used to make special trips to the mall just to savor its delectable taste, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Fortunately, I can now relish this mouth-watering treat from the coziness of my own home, wearing my pajamas, thanks to Cinnabon's Rolled Pancake Kit that ensures a scrumptious breakfast.

1. It Comes With Its Own Mugs And Hot Chocolate Mix!

Although all I really need is the Cinnamon pancake mix, I'll still take the two mugs that come with the kit. The kit also includes a hot chocolate mix, so why not indulge completely if I'm already having dessert for breakfast?

2. Cinnabon Rolled Pancakes?

Absolutely! The Rolled Pancake Kit is a heavenly combination of all the irresistible elements of Cinnabon's cinnamon buns, oozing with their trademark gooey deliciousness. Plus, there's a frosting mix included, so there's no need to top it with maple syrup.

3. This Would Make An Amazing Christmas Gift

This holiday season, if you happen to know anyone who's a fan of Cinnabon or simply loves indulging in sweet treats, this Rolled Pancake Kit would be an excellent gift choice. In fact, you could even pamper yourself with this delightful kit!

4. The Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit Is Available At Walmart

At just $12.98, this kit is an absolute steal, given the contents it offers: mugs, pancake mix, and hot chocolate mix. You can conveniently purchase it through the Walmart website too.