Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Cindy Hendy and David Parker Ray abducted, raped, and tortured over 60 women in the American southwest. Inside Ray's "Toy Box," the couple anguished many victims using electric shocks and medical instruments.

Mirrors were also installed in the box so the tortured women could see themselves suffer. Cindy Hendy expressed that Ray was the mastermind behind all the depraved spree. However, she helped him track down his victims and watch him brutalize all the women. Sometimes, she even supported him tormenting the innocent victims.

Learn about the story of Cindy Hendy that started with a troubled upbringing to the association with a serial killer.

Who Is Cindy Hendy?

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Born on February 6, 1960, Cindy Hendy is an American criminal who was the accomplice of David Parker Ray, a serial killer who tormented women. He was popularly known as the Toy-Box killer.

She helped Ray in kidnapping and sexually tormenting women inside his so-called toy box. However, most people believed that Cindy Hendy wasn't just an accomplice but an equal partner in crime with David Ray.

In 1999, Cindy Hendy pleaded guilty.

Many mostly believed that Cindy Hendy was cruel like her boyfriend and took pleasure in torturing the women in Ray's Toy Box. Cindy Hendy was sentenced to 36 years in jail in 2000. However, she was released in 2019, while Ray died in prison in 2002.

David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Cindy Hendy worked at the state park when she met David Parker Ray in New Mexico. The duo soon bonded over their shared violent sexual fantasies. Although there was an age gap of 20 years between the couple, Cindy Hendy soon moved in with him in New Mexico. The two started a relationship, as Cindy said to her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Cindy Hendy reported that Ray had often bragged about his capabilities of killing someone and burying them in the lake. However, she did not believe him until it the sadistic rampage started. Soon, Hendy found herself helping Ray fulfill his depraved sexual and serial killing desires.

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

The couple's first victim was Angela, whom Cindy Hendy admits of knowing beforehand. She said they used to party together sometimes, so she felt she could relate to her. Soon, the couple shared their first victim and released her after Angela promised not to disclose her abduction.

Hendy also said that most of their time with the victims, Ray would torture them more while she would stand by and watch him. Hendy recalled she had no remorse at that time and no feelings of any sort. She described her state as slow motion.

Hendy even claimed that she did not hurt or torture the victims in any way that her boyfriend did. But it all came to an end in 1999 when a victim escaped from the clutches of the cruel couple.

An Escape Revealed The Couple's Wicked Spree

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo was the victim who managed to escape from the clutches of the couple consisting of Cindy Hendy, her kidnapper, and David Parker Ray, her torturer. She was nothing but a metal slave collar and padlock chains when she was found prowling in the streets.

Before escaping from the torture chamber in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, Vigil was held there for three days, where she suffered from excessive torture. She was working as a prostitute in Albuquerque when Ray picked her up.

Cynthia naively thought he was only a customer, but he flashed a fake police badge and put her in handcuffs. Thinking she was under arrest for solicitation, she obeyed. But, according to her statements, she was captured, tied up, drugged, and forced to hear recordings, saying:

"What all this amounts to is that you're gonna be kept naked and chained up like an animal, to be used and abused any time we want to, any way that we want to. And you might as well start gettin' used to it because you're gonna be kept here and used until such time as we get tired of fu**in' around with you. And we will, eventually, in a month or two, maybe three. It's no big deal."

It was when she could get a hold of the keys to her chains that Cindy Hendy had left on the table beside her that she could flee from there. There was a fight between Hendy and Vigil when she saw that Vigil was trying to escape. However, Vigil stabbed Hendy's neck with an ice pick as an act of self-defense and exited the trailer.

Later, help found her from a nearby homeowner.

This broke the chain of events committed by the couple, and they were taken under arrest.

Cindy Hendy's Arrest And Release

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

After their arrest, the couple claimed that Vigil was on heroin and they were only trying to detox her. But the authorities soon investigated the trailer and got evidence to back up Vigil's claims. They found the cruel audiotape, a slew of torturing tools ranging from pulleys, whips, and sexual devices.

They even found tapes of torturing other women. Later, Kelly Garrett and Angelica Montano were reported to be victims of the couple as well. Even though Montano had fled from the trailer and alerted the police, the authorities never investigated her claims.

The repercussions of the crimes committed by Cindy Hendy could cost her 197 years in prison for 25 felony counts of criminal sexual penetration and kidnapping. But she turned Ray in and pleaded guilty on April 6, 1999.

Her cooperation revealed more sadistic actions of the couple that involved forcing victims to look at themselves being maimed and propelling them into wooden gadgets for dogs and acquaintances to rape them. It was even brought to light that Ray had another accomplice, Yancy, before her.

In return for her testimony, finally, Cindy Hendy was sentenced to 36 years of prison while Ray received 224 years. But Ray died of a heart attack in 2002.

Cindy Hendy And Other Helpers

Cindy Hendy: Toy Box Killer's Girlfriend Who Helped Him With Despicable Crimes

Despite receiving 36 years of prison time, Cindy Hendy became eligible for release, serving half of her sentence. The Department of Corrections explained that her last two years in jail were considered her parole.

The infamous Toy Box killer's other accomplice was his daughter, Glenda Jean Ray, also known as Jesse Ray. Ray made a deal with prosecutors to save his daughter from prison. However, she received a mild sentence of only two and a half years in jail and five years probation for helping her father drug and collect victims.

Ray's friend, Dennis Yancy, was convicted of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He was sentenced to two 15-year terms. He is paroled.

So, the partners-in-crime of the serial killer, a sadomasochistic rapist, roam around unrestricted in this country today. The scariest part is that all of Ray's helpers are walking freely.

The number of victims, dead or even alive, is still unknown.