Christianity Ain't Easy

Christianity Ain’t Easy

Going to church on Sunday and singing praises is easy. Volunteering to help the community is not that hard either.

Many people actually enjoy it, although finding time to do it might be a challenge.

Saying You Are A Christian Is Very Easy

Do you know what else is easy?

Posting scriptures and Christian quotes and listening to gospel music on your favorite streaming service.

But sitting still as you listen to sermons and follow the teachings they offer is not easy.

Sharing the "Word" is also easy, and many Christians can do it. And so is projecting a Christian lifestyle to seem good in the eyes of the community.

You can easily raise your hands and shout, even shed a few tears as you worship your Maker in your places of worship.

And giving testimonies: that is also very easy.

After all, you have a stable job, your family is safe, your relationships are going great, and you are in perfect health.

We can all see you have plenty to be grateful for.

When You Feel Right With God, It's Easy To Feel His Presence Around You

In fact, this is probably the easiest thing about being a Christian and possibly the most enjoyable thing about this lifestyle.

But there is something that makes Christianity hard.

Making time for your God.

Giving Him your all and being ready to serve Him whenever you encounter Him is all very hard.

When you meet a hungry beggar on the road, what do you do? Yes, you don't have much, but do you do something about it?

And as you get deep into prayer, do you remember those who cannot pray for themselves?

That guy who always pisses you off; do you see God's mysterious might on him and try to be considerate and kind towards him?

What I am asking is this: can you care for people who have treated you like crap?

Choosing God Every Moment Of Every Day Is The Hard Part

It is a huge commitment. You have to stay close to Him by reading the scriptures and hearing Him when he speaks.

You have to say "I love you" and totally mean it.

You have to worship and lift your heart to Him instead of putting on a show to impress fellow worshipers churchgoers.

It is all about making Jesus the center of your life rather than giving him a weekly appointment on Sunday.

Being a Christian is about committing yourself to God and putting Him above your own needs and desire for recognition.

It is about finding the strength to sing to your maker even when you feel you have too much going on in your life.

Finding time in your busy schedule to serve your God is the ultimate proof that you are a true Christian.

It is about knowing that you did not deserve anything in your life but received it as a favor.

You Did Nothing To Earn The Blessings In Your Life.

So, don't look down on others thinking they are less deserving than you are.

It's Hard To Believe In God When All You See Is The Darkness All-Around

It's hard to be grateful when you feel overwhelmed by the challenges in your life.

But Christianity is about believing in Him when you feel you have lost confidence in yourself and your ability to move ahead in life.

You have to learn to trust in Him even when it seems like He has abandoned you.

Even when your breakthrough is not happening, you have to keep trusting in Him and His might alone.

You have to sing praises to Him when all you feel is pain.

You have to love your God despite the tears in your eyes. Even when your heart is smashed to bits, you have to find the strength to keep going for His sake.

And so, choosing to believe in Jesus and live a life that is acceptable in the eyes of God is not easy.

There Are No Guarantees That Life Will Be Easy Because You Are A Christian

The only assurance you have is that you will overcome impossible odds and that every ending will be a good one.

When you fall ill, you will recover. When you fall, you will rise again. When your heart is broken, it will be made whole. Yes, you will bounce back from every disappointment if you are truly a Christian because that's God's eternal promise for his people.