"Choreplay" Is A New Thing And It's Not Okay

Bri Dietz, an Instagram influencer, sparked the anger of many of her followers when she shared a picture of herself with her partner, who was holding a sign that stated "Assisting with household chores for the sake of intimacy is known as choreplay." This disturbing idea is unfortunately prevalent among numerous couples who consider it to be a standard practice, which is difficult to comprehend. What is going on?

1. Choreplay As A Concept As A Gross

The basic premise involves the male partner assisting with domestic tasks such as washing dishes, taking out the garbage, and overall tidying up, in return for sexual favors. Although this arrangement is inherently flawed, Bri and presumably countless other women worldwide seem to accept it as permissible.

2. No, Choreplay Is Not A Love Language

Bri argued in her post that her partner's contribution to household chores was an expression of his love language and constituted an "act of service." The notion that a man fulfilling his share of responsibilities in a shared living space is considered a gift or favor to his partner is preposterous. It is simply a display of mature adult behavior and a partnership built on equality. How is this not obvious?

3. It Reinforces Old Stereotypes About Cleaning Being A Woman's Job

The belief that men who contribute to household chores are compromising their status or doing their partners a special favor is antiquated and sexist. It is enraging and astonishing that some women not only accept this idea as normal but also find it endearing.

4. It's Akin To Treating Women Like Prostitutes

Sex work is a legitimate profession and one that many women enjoy, although the industry's lack of regulation is a separate issue. However, I cannot conceive of anything less alluring than my partner treating sex as a transactional exchange. If my boyfriend assumed that completing household chores was a guarantee for sexual favors, I would strongly object. Such an attitude objectifies and devalues a partner, and is highly inappropriate.

5. Let's Cut The Crap—doing Things For Your S.O. Is Called Being A Good Partner

The crux of the matter is that doing anything for your partner with an underlying motive, whether it be sex, a night out with friends, expensive gifts, and so on, is distasteful. If you are a considerate partner, contributing to ease both of your lives should come as second nature, and not as a means of gaining something in return. Women should demand more from their partners, and men should take a step back and help their fellow men understand this concept.