Choose IP Telephony And Give Preference To South African Virtual Number

IP telephony has presented the way to the world of automation, rich possibilities, and convenience in Telecom. Virtual numbers have become the win-win solution for many businesses, which are looking for something efficient and worthy of attention. Moreover, it offers various additions that greatly simplify the company's life.

Be Aware Of The Possibilities

Popular virtual numbers South Africa present amazing opportunities to check out all the benefits reviewed below in practice. There are some services that providers have been using for many years in their work, so let's get acquainted with them.

Call Distribution

IP telephony takes over the routine work related to the translation of incoming calls by departments and employees. Here are several call distribution modes.

- To all operators at once. All phones ring simultaneously until someone picks up the phone.

- One by one, starting with the first one on the list. This increases the chance that the client will receive an accurate answer. However, the burden on the first manager on the list will be colossal, while the latter can safely idle at the workplace.

- Alternately with load distribution. The system will evenly route calls between operators. Everyone will work and rest equally.

- Depending on the personal qualities of the operator.

Each employee can not only see the waiting customers on the screen (and their waiting time) but also answer the call or transfer it to a free manager.

Call Recording

This is probably the most favorite feature of IP telephony. Here are its most popular advantages.

- Employee control.

- Analysis of the quality of customer service.

- Training of new managers.

- Protection of commercial information from leakage.

- Resolution of disputed issues with clients based on facts.

- Analysis of the target audience and identification of problem areas of a business, product, or service.

You can record both all incoming conversations and selective ones. All records are collected in the personal account of the cloud PBX. You can listen to them there or download them.

Call Statistics

It's a very important function for call centers as it allows you to see a complete picture of the work of not only one employee or department but also the company as a whole. The manager can see in his/her personal account the workload of employees, the number of received/missed calls and their status, the average and total duration of conversations, the number of calls made by employees, the customer's waiting time on the line, and much more. Thus, the manager can objectively evaluate the quality of customer service, successfully distribute the load on operators, and improve the efficiency of their work.

There's also an integration with the CRM system. All the above-mentioned benefits of a cloud PBX can be performed right in the CRM system. It's about the opportunity to make a call by clicking on the number, record all missed calls, study conversation statistics, listen to calls, and link a specific client to a manager.

How To Connect A Virtual PBX?

All you have to do is to choose a decent IP provider (for example, Freezvon Company) and get acquainted with the available opportunities together with the actual South African virtual numbers. Virtual PBX will allow employees to stay in touch without being tied to a location. The worker will also receive statistics, call recordings, and notifications about missed calls received during non-working hours. Customize call routing based on a personal scenario that meets your company's needs. Virtual PBX helps to quickly set up traffic routing in the office and get full access to company employee conversation statistics. Communication within the Cloud PBX is free. Moreover, there are several solutions for outgoing calls that will allow you to save money.

Virtual PBX is a simple and effective telephony solution for both small, medium, and large businesses. The entire communication system is easily scalable and works equally well both with several subscribers and in a system of branches located in different cities. Network expansion does not require additional equipment or complex settings because specialists in most cases can configure everything remotely. This solution helps to significantly save on communication and always get a high-quality connection.