Chinese Virologist: China's Government 'Intentionally' Released COVID-19


A top virologist and whistleblower claims COVID-19 is humanmade, and China's Communist government released the virus 'intentionally.'

Hours after her unceremonious Twitter ban for, we assume, presenting evidence that COVID-19 is humanmade, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

In the interview, Carlson asked Yan whether she believes the Chinese Communist Party released the virus 'on purpose.'

Her response? 'Yes, of course, it's intentionally.'


In her bombshell interview with the Fox News host, Yan also alleged that the international scientific community is well aware the virus is manmade.

However, these elite scientists don't want the evidence to come to light.

Yan said she would release more evidence but pointed to her high-ranking position at a WHO reference lab as a reason to trust her allegation.

She said:

"I work[ed] in the WHO reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong."


"And the thing is I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak."

"I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved [in] the hospital…"

"Also, I work with the top corona[virus] virologist in the world."

"So, together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab ... and also, it is spread to the world to do such damage."


Yan, who fled Hong Kong for the US in April, was among the first scientists to study the novel coronavirus. She fled the country to raise awareness about the pandemic.

chinese virologist: china’s government ‘intentionally’ released covid-19
chinese virologist: china’s government ‘intentionally’ released covid-19

Earlier, she told Carlson that she has 'solid scientific evidence' that the virus 'is not from nature. It is a manmade virus created in the lab.'

She said:

"[The] Chinese military discovered and owned the unique bat coronavirus which cannot affect people. But after the modification [it] becomes the very harmful virus as now."


"I have evidence to show why they can do it, what they have done as well as how they do it."

Yan's comments conflict with the opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Fauci cast doubt on the idea the virus is manmade.

Speaking to National Geographic, he earlier said:

"If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what's out there now… this [virus] could not have been [manmade]."

Other scientists have also panned the idea that COVID-19 served as a bioweapon.