Children End School Bus Hijacking By Asking Lots Of Questions

children end school bus hijacking by asking lots of questions

When Jovan Collazo, 23, decided to hijack a school bus, he didn't think the juvenile occupants would thwart his daring plan.

The man got into the bus at an interstate highway and then told the driver to make a diversion to a nearby town.

According to the police, the man told the driver that he had no intention of hurting him, although he demanded at gunpoint that he drive to a nearby town with the children still in the bus.

Children End School Bus Hijacking By Asking Lots Of Questions

Once the hijacking was underway, he demanded that all the children move to the front of the bus.

Children Frustrated Collazo With Too Many Questions

Unfortunately, the little victims were not as cooperative as the man expected. They frustrated Collazo with far too many questions instead of quietly doing as he demanded.

Here is what Sheriff Leon Lott had to say:

"The kids were asking questions. 'Are you gonna hurt us?' 'Are you a soldier?' 'Are you a bus driver? So they were being kids. They were being kids. I think that added to the frustration he had."

He Ordered Everyone Out Of The Bus And Took Off With It

Six minutes into the ordeal, the military trainee decided to do away with the annoying kids and ordered them off the bus. He then drove a short distance along the interstate and then stopped and abandoned the bus.

He was later arrested close to the intersection of Alpine and Percival roads.

Fortunately, neither the children nor the bus driver were physically hurt during the hijacking.

Although the trainee solder had a gun, it was not loaded. However, during the hijacking, nobody knew that.

According to the police, the soldier was probably trying to get home.

At the moment, he is locked up at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center as he awaits a hearing. He will face 19 counts of kidnapping when he appears in court.