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Chief Of Police Fired After Police Officer Sacked For Sleeping With Six Of Her Co-workers

The head of the La Vergne Police Department has been terminated as a result of an investigation into the actions of Officer Maegan Hall, who engaged in sexual activities with colleagues during working hours.

Chief Burrel 'Chip' Davis resigned from his position this week after third-party investigators discovered that he was aware of the sexual misconduct occurring within his department but failed to take any action.

In addition to Maegan Hall, who is 26 years old, at least five other police officers from the La Vergne Police Department have been dismissed after it was reported that they engaged in sexual activity with Hall, either during or outside of working hours, and exchanged explicit images.

An internal investigation into allegations of Maegan's sexual misconduct with fellow officers was initiated in December 2022.

Officers Juan Lugo-Perez, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan, Sgt. Lewis Powell and Detective Seneca Shields were among the male officers implicated in the scandal.

As claimed during the investigation, Maegan was reportedly involved in sexual relationships with two of the officers while on duty and within the city-owned property.

A third-party investigator has now determined that Police Chief Davis was not only knowledgeable of the sexual misconduct but attempted to delay the initial investigation into Hall and her colleagues.

A statement from the city also asserts that Davis allowed - if not promoted - behavior that may have violated state and federal laws.

Davis will be temporarily substituted by Deputy Chief Brent Hatcher while the city searches for a permanent replacement.

In response to the latest development in the dramatic scandal at the La Vergne Police Department, Mayor Jason Cole commented: "There aren't words to describe the disappointment and frustration felt by myself and other city leaders.

"Officers are held to a higher standard, even more so is their chief."

He continued: "We take the health, safety, and well-being of every employee at La Vergne extremely seriously and a culture similar to the one uncovered in these investigations is not acceptable.

"We will continue to do what needs to be done in order to do what's right for our officers, our city employees, and our community."

The initial investigation into Officer Maegan Hall alleged that she participated in a three-way sexual encounter with Officer Patrick Magliocco and his spouse - a claim that she denies.

The investigation also revealed that Hall performed oral sex on Sergeant Powell both at the Police Gym and outside the Police Station, while he was on duty.

Initially, Hall denied any wrongdoing but later confessed to sending naked images to some officers and engaging in sexual relationships with others.