Cher Brings In Millions For Biden At September Fundraiser

The race between presidential candidate Joe Biden and the United States president, Donald Trump, continues to move forward. With election day getting ever nearer, the two are now in the final weeks of their campaigns.

Both candidates have made different promises during their campaigns, one of which relates to LGBTQ laws. Joe Biden has promised that the Democrats will bring in new laws to protect LGBTQ people.

In fact, he recently appeared at a virtual LGBTQ fundraiser, where he reiterated these promises. Also, the virtual event participated superstar Cher, who managed to raise a huge amount for the presidential campaign.

Campaigning for the Democrats

Over the years, Cher has become well known for raising large amounts of cash for democratic campaigns. She did this for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among others in the past.

This time she attended the virtual event and raised an incredible $2 million for Biden's campaign. She asked supporters at the event, 'do you believe in life after Trump?'

Obviously, this was a play on her famous song, 'Believe' and the crowds loved it. The event was a fundraiser, and Cher certainly did her bit by raising the huge sum of money.

Also attending the event were various political figures, including several openly gay lawmakers. A similar fundraiser was held earlier this year in April, not long after the COVID outbreak.

At his appearance at the most recent event, Biden made some encouraging promises to the LGBTQ community. He plans to sign the Equality Act into law within 100 days of being in office.

Various civil rights laws will be amended to make them specific to the LGBTQ community. This would help to protect members of that community against discrimination.

In the past, Cher and other celebrities have attended live fundraisers to raise money for Democratic presidential campaigns. However, this has not been possible this year due to the COVID restrictions in place.

Past Fundraisers

In 2012, Cher headed to Fire Island in New York, where she held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Cher, Julia Roberts, and Ellen DeGeneres held another fundraiser in LA to raise funds for Obama.

While the latest fundraiser may have been a virtual one, it has certainly been a successful one.