Chef Andrés Turns Michelin-Starred Restaurants Into Kitchens Serving Take-Out Food To Anyone Who Needs It

chef andrés turns michelin-starred restaurants into kitchens serving take-out food to anyone who needs it

A Michelin-starred chef José Andrés is serving up free lunch in cities destroyed by the coronavirus.

One of New York's finest is turning all of his eight acclaimed restaurants into gourmet soup kitchens for those in need. Chef José Andrés is also doing the same with his posh restaurants in Washington, DC.

But that's not where the generosity of this chef ends. His workers will get paid full time, at least during the first two weeks.


In a statement, Andrés said that to-go only meals cost $7 for guests who can afford it. Those who can't will still get served, and the famed chef asked his friends to donate a meal to a stranger in need.

The community kitchen/take-out is already working from noon to 5 p.m. every day.

Andrés's charity, World Central Kitchen, has served meals to those in need, including the quarantined cruise ship travelers and workers aboard the Grand Princess.


Turning 5-star restaurants into much-needed facilities for those affected is a big and significant step in the right direction.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Andrés has the will and the finances to do his part. Sadly, most restaurants can't even afford to stay open to delivery.

The financial impact of Covid-19 is devastating, and we aren't even near the end of the pandemic. That's why we need more people like chef Andrés. People who will share their fortune with those who lost their incomes, who are struggling to save their families and their health.


Simply, people who are vulnerable.

Here's the chef's first statement regarding the project that shows empathy and understanding that we're truly all in this together.

If you needed a heartwarming story, this is it!