Checking Out Other Women When We Are Together Is Not A Crime, But It Is A Red Flag

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Admiring attractive individuals is natural and can catch our attention easily. I, too, engage in it, whether I am alone or with my friends. However, it is inappropriate to stare at others in public when you're with your partner, as if you're a dog in heat. Although it may seem harmless to look without touching, if my significant other does this, it raises a massive red flag for me.

1. I Need A Guy With Manners And A Little Self-control

When a guy checks out other women while we are out together, it indicates a lack of manners. It is like belching in my face after eating or picking his nose while I am talking to him. Instead of exercising a little restraint, he acts upon his natural instincts, which is not appropriate. This behavior is concerning.

2. It Just Makes Him Look Desperate And Shallow

If he checks Tinder while we're together, it's almost like he's messaging every attractive girl he sees without even bothering to learn about them. It's disheartening when physical appearance is the only standard, and I don't want to be with someone like that. If he's still using Tinder while we're together, that's a whole other problem.

3. I Deserve Someone Who Has Eyes Only For Me

If I'm with him, it's because I want to spend time with someone who deserves it, and I put effort into my appearance accordingly. I expect him to do the same for me because I deserve it too. If he can't do that, then staring at other women is a clear indication that he's not interested.

4. We Haven't Known Each Other Long Enough For Me To Be Okay With It

Maybe after being together for a decade, we could casually check out strangers for fun like some married couples do. However, we haven't reached that level of intimacy yet, and he can't be so at ease around me when we're still getting to know each other. I don't feel comfortable with him being so relaxed while we're out together.

5. I Don't Gawk When I'm Out On A Date And I See Hot Guys

He may not have realized it, but there are many attractive men around us when we go out together. However, I do not stare at them out of courtesy. If we both spent the evening lusting after strangers, it would make for a disappointing and unpleasant date. Instead, we should focus on each other.

6. It Makes Him Look Like He's Not Interested Enough

When a man is genuinely interested in a woman, it shows in his behavior. He cannot take his eyes off her and is oblivious to everything else. To make a great impression on a first date, it is important to give the other person your complete and undivided attention. Checking out other women, especially the waitress, sends the message that you are not interested, bored, or have friend-zoned them.

7. It's A Huge Turn-off

Even if our relationship is purely sexual and casual, I would still expect him to play his part for at least a couple of hours. If he cannot give me his complete attention, it is unlikely that I would want to take him home with me. If he wants to get me in the mood, he needs to put in more effort and focus solely on me.

8. It's Embarrassing For Me

It's frustrating when he stares at an attractive woman, leaving me feeling embarrassed. While I don't care about others' opinions, being the woman whose date can't keep his eyes off another girl's backside is not a good look for me.

9. It's A Lousy Way To Pretend He's Taking Things Easy

He must be aware that staring at someone for more than three seconds is usually noticeable by his date. If his concern is appearing too interested in me and he's trying to come across as indifferent, then he's going about it the wrong way. His behavior is an extreme example that suggests he doesn't care or is only seeking a casual encounter.

10. It Might Be Nothing Really, But It Can Ruin Everything

Although I don't consider it unacceptable to check out other women when we're out together, there could be a valid reason behind his behavior, such as fatigue or stress, or perhaps I'm misreading the situation. Nonetheless, first impressions are crucial and challenging to overcome later. After experiencing numerous unsatisfactory relationships, I prefer to err on the side of caution and avoid offering second chances that I may regret in the future.