Cheating Girlfriend Gets Busted When Both Boyfriends Turn Up To Propose (VIDEO)

cheating girlfriend gets busted when both boyfriends turn up to propose (video)

A cheating girlfriend got her ultimate punishment from her two boyfriends after they both turned up to propose!

It started when one of her two boyfriends discovered she was cheating on him with another man, according to reports, so he teamed up with her second lover to set her up to a fake marriage proposal.

The Video Made Its Way Online, Showing The Moment She Was Busted

This proposal was the most awkward thing ever, even before the other guy showed up. The cheating woman didn't really seem excited whatsoever!

Well, we can already see why that is. What would she tell her other boyfriend?

Maybe she just lacked the emotion to even react. And now that the video has already gone viral, she needs her cold attitude more than ever!

This woman and people like her are the reason why people have trust issues.