'Charlie Brown' Christmas And Thanksgiving Specials Won't Air On Television This Year

‘charlie brown’ christmas and thanksgiving specials won’t air on television this year

Admit it, holidays don't really feel like holidays without traditions. For instance, what's Thanksgiving without a turkey, and what's Christmas if it's not a good ol' 'Charlie Brown' Christmas?

Few things are as exciting and reassuringly fun as sitting down with your family to enjoy Peanuts specials on television during Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving.

For decades, this has been the tradition, and most people don't exactly want a change. But it's coming.

Starting this year, enjoying these special shows on your television, might be a thing of the past.

When The Snow Starts Falling, People's Expectations Change

For one, people expect a change in the specials offered on their televisions. Many consider this a great time to sit back and enjoy some of their favorite shows.

Peanuts Is A Crowd Favorite During The Holidays

'charlie brown' christmas and thanksgiving specials won't air on television this year

Many people like to enjoy Peanuts during the holidays. That's just tradition.

Charlie Brown and his friends become a main source of entertainment for many families during the Christmas season.

Many Families Consider Peanuts A Major Holiday Special

For more than half a century, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been on television. So, it's a huge surprise that all this might change this year.

Exclusive Rights To The 3 Peanuts Specials Now Owned By Apple TV

'charlie brown' christmas and thanksgiving specials won't air on television this year

You can still watch Peanuts, but you have to stream the special using Apple TV this time. If you are waiting to see the special on traditional cable networks, you will be disappointed.

This is obviously a huge change, and a lot of people had plenty to say about it.

According To Fans, A Tradition Of Watching Specials Has Been Canceled

A lot of people are not happy with the change. After all, not all of them can afford the streaming service.

This is clearly a big problem.

Fans See This As A Way To Reduce Access Further By Offering The Specials On Streaming Services

The changes are forcing people to pay for several streaming services. Those costs will clearly add up, and most people cannot afford them because they will be way more expensive than cable ever was.

Fans Are Disappointed, And It's Understandable

Many see this as a sad end to an era. However, it's a little comforting to know that Apple will be offering the specials free for a limited time even to those not yet subscribed to the service.

All The Specials Available For Streaming, But For A Limited Time

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will stream for free from November 25 to November 27.

What Of The Charlie Brown Christmas?

Free streaming of A Charlie Brown Christmas will start from December 11 to December 13. If you don't plan on paying for the streaming service, you will have to stream these specials on these dates. Otherwise, you will have to do without Peanuts this year.

But Why Shift Peanuts From Cable To Streaming

This is happening because network and cable television is another tradition that is about to die off. As much as we want things to stay the same, the only thing you can truly count on is change, even with a decades-old holiday tradition.